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"Welcome Home. We exist solely to give a voice to voiceless sports fanatics, experts, super fans, and all those who have a passion for sports. We cover college and professional sports and do our best to bring you the insight, analysis, and coverage you craze if you're as crazy about sports as we are here at the MTMV Sports Network! When we cover games live, we are looking for YOU and hoping to get your reactions, takes, and commentary! We invite you to join the MTMV Sports Family and support our brand as we grow and expand our reach to bring you more in-depth coverage and analysis of some of the best stories in the sports world.


Also, we love and cover all sports, but as an alum of Grambling State University and Morehouse School of Medicine, you can expect to see some of the best stories in HBCU Sports here on our site, alongside the best stories in the NFL, NBA, WNBA, NCAA FBS, NCAA FCS, and High School Sports. 

We love you all and appreciate your support! 


Ernest Ricks, Jr.


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