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Action-Packed HBCU Football Game and Events at Florida Blue Florida Classic 2023

Photo Credit: Florida Blue Florida Classic
Photo Credit: Florida Blue Florida Classic

Before the big football game between the Florida A&M Rattlers and Bethune-Cookman Wildcats commenced on Saturday November 18, 2023, I had the WONDERFUL privilege of watching the “Battle of the Bands”.

Photo Credit: Florida Blue Florida Classic
Photo Credit: Florida Blue Florida Classic

If you have ever seen “Drumline”, then you know the anticipation I was feeling 🥹 The movie led by actor Nick Cannon literally changed my life.

Photo Credit: IMDb
Photo Credit: IMDb

Before experiencing the incredible talent from the headliners, Marching 100 and Marching Wildcats, we were first blessed with performances from 12 outstanding high school marching bands (see below):

1) Faith’s Place Center for Arts Education – Marching Lions – West Palm Beach, Fla

2) Burke High School – High Stepping Bulldog Band – Charleston, SC

3) Mainland High School – The Mainland High Buccaneer Band – Daytona Beach, Fla.

4) (my personal favorite 😍) Miami Norland Senior High School – The Pride of North Dade

5) Ocoee High School – Marching Knights – Ocoee, Fla.

6) Heritage High School – Marching Panther Band, Blue Sea of Sound – Palm Bay, Fla.

7) Southwest Dekalb High School – Marching Panther Band – Decatur, Ga

8) Minor High School (purple- good and theatrical)– Sounds of Superior – Adamsville, Ala.

9) First Coast High School – Buccaneer Marching Band – Jacksonville, Fla.

10) Miami Booker T. Washington Sr. High School – Project 60

11) Dillard High School – Marching Panther Band "The Force" – Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

12) Evans High School – Green Machine Marching Band – Orlando, Fla.

If you ever have the chance, I HIGHLY recommend going to one of these marching band competitions 👏🏾🤩

My favorite high school band at “Battle of the Bands” - Miami Norland Senior High School (Video Credit: Camille Grant)

Video Credit: Camille Grant

Video of the College Band whose Football team won for 2023 Florida Blue Florida Classic- Marching 100 for Florida A&M! 🔥 (Video Credit: Camille Grant)

Now to the big game!! The attendance this weekend was over 56,000 people (the highest since 2011)!

Let me first thank the media/press administrators. THANK YOU so much for your hospitality and the two meals you provided for us (free food is one of my love languages 😉💕😂).

Me heading to the Camping World Stadium

My Press Pass (Photo Credit: Camille Grant)
My Press Pass (Photo Credit: Camille Grant)

The weather was Perfect! The first quarter, however, started off a little sluggish with occasional slippage from the wet turf after the rain the day before. The 2nd through 3rd quarter was the climax of the night where the most touchdowns took place.

Finally at the Press Box! (Video Credit: Camille Grant)

The MVP of the night was the incredible running back Terrell Jennings who made 2 touchdowns for the night. Also sitting to the left of Florida A&M’s head coach Willie Simmons was linebacker Isaiah Major who did an amazing interception and many sacks that really impacted the trajectory of the game.

Post-Game Press Conference: Terrell Jennings (Left of photo), Head Coach Willie Simmons (Center), & linebacker Isaiah Major (Right of photo) (Photo Credit: Camille Grant)

Post-Game Press Conference: MVP of the Game Terrell Jennings (Left of photo), Head Coach Willie Simmons (Center), & linebacker Isaiah Major (Right of photo) (Photo Credit: Camille Grant)

One of the highlights of the postgame press conference was when Terrell Jennings answered this question:

Q. Terrell, I don't know if it was your mom or who it was holding up the giant poster cheering you on. To

see the support and love that you had and just the excitement to show out in a game that means so

much, what was in the air for you today?

TERRELL JENNINGS: “Honestly, I had lost my aunt two days ago, so my heart has been heavy this whole weekend. Just playing for her and then my family just being here, it gave me an extra boost to go even harder, because I know my auntie is not here, she is watching me, so I just had to ball out for her. Then

my mom, she' has been coming to every game for 16 years now.

Please pray for him and his family as Thanksgiving week approaches without his aunt 🙏🏾

About the Author:

(Camille Grant)

I have always immersed myself in sports since I was in middle school. I’ve participated in various sports such as basketball, softball, karate, and I guess you can count tag football with the boys at the playground when I was younger.

My writing style does not focus solely on statistics. I want listeners to see what I experienced and enjoyed during each sporting event.

You can follow me on my other adventures (some not even pertaining to sports) on my IG page - @camille__priscilla 👋🏾


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