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AJ Brown clears the Air about WR1 in Philly

The City of Brotherly Love has always been known for its passionate sports fanbase, and currently, that fervor has manifested in an intriguing division among Philadelphia Eagles supporters. The debate over who reigns supreme between the Eagles' dynamic wide receivers, AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith, has ignited a fervent rivalry known as "Team AJ" versus "Team DeVonte."

Last offseason, the Eagles' acquisition of AJ Brown sent shockwaves through the football world, a move that quickly demonstrated its foreshadowing power. An iconic live call between Hurts and Brown exuded an aura of camaraderie and understanding, signaling to the rest of the league that a formidable partnership was in the making. Months later, reality mirrored their confidence, as Brown and Hurts combined to create an electrifying and potent combination on the field.

While AJ Brown showcased his prowess with 1,496 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns, Devonte Smith was quietly making waves with his signature smooth and calculated style of play. He dazzled the football landscape with an impressive 95 catches, 1,196 yards, and 7 touchdowns. Remarkably, Smith concluded the season with more receptions than Brown, although Brown outperformed him in yards and touchdowns.

The ongoing debate among the Philly faithful centers around the distinction of WR1 for the Eagles. Who stands as the face of the wide receivers in Philly? This question, once seemingly straightforward, has now sparked fervent discussions, dividing the fanbase into factions.

Addressing the division, AJ Brown expressed his perspective during a post-practice presser, urging fans to appreciate both him and Devonte Smith for their individual contributions and complementary skills. Brown's sentiment echoed the sentiment that the city of Philadelphia should relish the rare luxury of having two extraordinary wide receivers operating at the pinnacle of their abilities.

Indeed, it's a rarity in the NFL to witness two players with legitimate claims to the WR1 title coexisting harmoniously. In most teams, a clear hierarchy designates a primary and secondary receiver. The example of Ja'Marr Chase as WR1 for the Bengals or DeAndre Hopkins as WR1 for the Cardinals is evident. Even in situations where two exceptional receivers coexist, as in Miami with Waddle and Tyreek Hill, there's typically a clear distinction between them.

However, the Philadelphia Eagles have bucked this trend, as Devonte Smith's remarkable emergence has added a layer of complexity to the hierarchy. The waters have been muddied, and the debate rages on: Who truly claims the coveted title of WR1 in the Eagles' roster?

As the fanbase remains divided between Team AJ and Team DeVonte, one thing is clear: the Eagles possess a rare and enviable scenario. While most teams grapple with the designation of their lead wide receiver, the Eagles revel in the luxury of having two stars who shine brightly together. Regardless of which side of the debate fans fall on, there's no denying that AJ Brown and Devonte Smith have gifted Philadelphia with an electrifying and unforgettable spectacle.


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