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Anatomy of a Robbery

Francis Ngannou and Team prepare to take the boxing world by storm.

Many are crying foul play in the wake of Tyson Fury’s victory over Francis Ngannou on October 28th in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.  The MMA champion and boxing debutant fared much better than the experts and pundits imagined.

From being dispatched within a few rounds to being carried and stopped later in the fight, the Predator was supposed to be a big money pit stop, before Tyson fought for the undisputed title vs Usyk.  Instead the inspiration of Cameroon pushed Fury to the brink and won one out of three score cards.

Fury walking out to the ring to face the Predator

To describe the fight as very close and highly competitive is accurate. By that definition alone, it cannot be a robbery.  For it to be a robbery means it is clear one fighter won the vast majority of the fight and the other could not. Another clear robbery is when one judge scored rounds that were clearly won by another fighter and gives them to their opponent.

Adalaide Byrd’s 118-110 scorecard for Canelo in his first fight with GGG, robbery.  Sweet Pea styling on Chavez for a majority draw was a travesty. Felix Sturm landing 43% vs. De La Hoya’s 24% and not winning a single scorecard, grand larceny!

I believe Francis won rounds 3-4 and 7-8. Include the point for the knockdown and that’s 94 for him. Now if you want to give Francis rounds 2 or 9, I will not argue with you. Again, that would not be a robbery but a close fight. Ngannou landed 5 more power shots but Fury landed more shots over all (71-59). Many of the power shots landed by Francis were in the same rounds. He only landed 6 strikes total in the last two rounds.

The king coming to take his throne

If you want to say it was a robbery because you feel the Cinderella story was ruined, I would present you with a different perspective.

Son of a street fighter from a broken home, child laborer, multiple life threatening attempts to enter France caused him to to be imprisoned. When he finally makes it to peruse his boxing dream, he’s homeless. Sleeping in the gym, he was persuaded to switch to MMA and became a champion. Secured his release from the UFC by winning a fight against his teammate while he was injured. Pushed the best heavyweight of this generation to the limit in his first boxing match, pro or amateur!

I would say that man is a winner. He may not have gotten his hand raised but he left as the victor.


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