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Are the Sun Still Smiling After Game 2 Loss?

Photo by John Locher

The pressure was on for Connecticut Sun to go back to Mohegan Sun and win and tied the series. A must-win, no team in WNBA history has come back from being down 0-2.

After coming off the lowest scoring game of their season, the Aces came and dominated this game from the start. With the game being tired 14-14, Coach Hammon calls a timeout at the 3:45 mark, and the Aces started to play their offensive game, ending the quarter on a 9-1 run. The Aces led the first quarter 23-15. Aja Wilson ended the quarter with 8 points and Chelsea Gray with 6 points. The top scorer for the Connecticut Sun was Courtney Williams with 6 points. The Sun only shot 33.3% while The Aces were shooting 52% from the field.

Courtney Williams said to Hollie Rowe “We have to tighten up”. In the second quarter, Aja Wilson becomes more dominant and Kelsey Plum was in attack mode. The Zone defense was getting the best of Connecticut Sun and interrupted their offense, no shots were falling. The rookie, Nia Clouden had her WNBA Finals start at the 6:12 mark. The Sun was down and they could not get any rhythm on offense. Kelsey Plum got her swag back and went on a 10-2 run alone and was attacking the rim. Courtney Williams showed up tonight, every time the Sun needed a bucket. Courtney was there with her sweet jumper. Coach Miller called a time-out at the 2:46 mark. The score was 28-41 and the Sun got back on the defensive end. Due to these changes, the Sun started to get a little momentum back, ending the half by only being down by 8. The score at the half was 45-37. Courtney Williams ended the half with 10 points and 4 assists. Jonquel Jones ended the half with 11 points and 5 rebounds. Aces were on top shooting 51.5 % from the field. Aja Wilson shot 78% and Kelsey Plum shoot 67%. Wilson had 18 points and Plum had 13 points. The Aces won the paint points 24-18.

The Aces start the third with a buzzer-beater by Chelsea Gray. The Sun scored as well while the clock was winding down. At the 7:32 mark, Jonquel Jones knocks down a three bringing the lead deficient to 5. The engine, Alyssa Thomas scored and cut the lead to 3. In that 7-0 run by the Sun, they picked up their full-court pressure and caused the Aces to call a time-out. The emotions were riding high on both ends of the floor. With six minutes left in the third quarter, Chelsea Gray goes back to the locker room to get checked out. This is the perfect time for the Sun to take advantage. However, after a few short possessions, nothing came from Chelsea Gray's departure. The Sun struggled at the free-throw line. The third quarter ended with a score of 54-68.

The Sun struggled in the fourth quarter. The Sun turnover the ball at the start of the fourth. The Sun could not find their rhythm. By the 6:18 mark the Sun was in an 18-point deficit. The Sun loses game two 85-71. Connecticut will be back at home for game 3! The home crowd, keeping their series alive, the Sun are in for an uphill battle to push for a game four.

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Great article by Cee, that 3rd quarter made a big difference in the game. can’t wait to see her take on game 3. must win game for Suns.

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