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Buffalo Bills Fire Offensive Coordinator Ken Dorsey after Loss to Denver Broncos

Ken Dorsey was fired by the Buffalo Bills after loss to Denver Broncos. Photo: @builtinbuffalo_
Ken Dorsey was fired by the Buffalo Bills after loss to Denver Broncos. Photo: @builtinbuffalo_

Less than 24 hours after a disappointing loss to the Denver Broncos, the Buffalo Bills have taken decisive action by firing their offensive coordinator, Ken Dorsey. While many argue that the team's struggles aren't solely on Dorsey, the leadership is often the first to face scrutiny when an offense falters. The setback against the resurgent Broncos, who are turning their season around, intensified the spotlight on the Bills, once considered top contenders in their division but currently struggling to find their rhythm.

Head coach Sean McDermott announced the change on Tuesday, expressing the need to shift the team's offensive approach. In a press conference, McDermott stated, "Just felt like it was time for a change. We need to be a confident offensive football team and find consistent production, and that's really what it came down to."

Dorsey, who took over as offensive coordinator in 2022, faced the challenge of succeeding Brian Daboll. While the Bills continued to accumulate yards and points under Dorsey's tenure, the 2023 season has been marked by inconsistency. The team, sitting at 5-5, currently ranks seventh in yards and eighth in points after dominating the statistical charts in 2022.

Buffalo's offensive struggles have been glaring, with difficulties in moving the ball, an unreliable ground attack, and significant issues with turnovers. Costly mistakes, particularly turnovers, have been a recurring theme, as the Bills turned the ball over four times in the recent loss to the Broncos, with quarterback Josh Allen being accountable for three.

Dorsey, who previously earned a head coaching interview with the Carolina Panthers, faced the brunt of criticism for the team's underwhelming performance. The Bills have accumulated 18 turnovers this season, tied for the second-highest in the league.

In the wake of Dorsey's departure, quarterbacks coach Joe Brady steps in as the interim offensive coordinator. Brady, at 34, gained recognition during LSU's championship run with Joe Burrow in 2019 and served as the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers in 2020 and 2021. McDermott hopes Brady's energy can inject new life into the Bills' offense for the remaining seven games of the season.

As Buffalo grapples with its standing, now 10th in the AFC, the move signals a sense of urgency. McDermott's decision to fire Dorsey underscores the team's commitment to finding a spark that could reignite their playoff aspirations.

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