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Bye-bye Jimbo Fisher! | Texas A&M Fires 6-year Head Coach

Texas A&M 6 year coach Jimbo Fisher. Photo: sec_report Instagram
Texas A&M 6 year coach Jimbo Fisher. Photo: sec_report Instagram

Fisher, with an overall record of 45-25 during his six seasons at Texas A&M, was hired in December 2017, following an impressive stint as the head coach at Florida State University, where he secured a national championship. Despite the initial optimism surrounding Fisher's appointment, the university found the football program stagnating and not progressing as desired.

The financial implications of Fisher's departure are substantial, as he is owed over $75 million on his remaining contract. The decision to part ways with Fisher comes after a contract extension in 2021, securing his position through the 2031 season with an annual salary exceeding $9 million. The buyout provision in Fisher's contract will be addressed by Texas A&M Athletics and an independent fundraising organization associated with the department, emphasizing the monumental nature of the financial arrangement.

The decision to terminate Fisher's coaching duties was communicated to him early Sunday morning by Bjork and President Mark Welsh. During a news conference, Bjork expressed his respect for Fisher and his accomplishments in college football, acknowledging the difficult timing of the decision. However, he emphasized the need for a shift in direction, stating that the program is currently "stuck in neutral" and not achieving the desired level of national relevance.

Looking ahead, Texas A&M is poised to conduct a diligent, confidential, and efficient search for a new head coach. The process will involve input from a football advisory group, former players, and industry experts, ensuring a comprehensive approach to finding the right candidate to lead the Aggies' football program into the future.


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