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Can Jeremy Moussa and the FAMU Rattlers Take the Leap Next Season??

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Jeremy Moussa, star of the Florida A&M University (FAMU) Rattlers, is poised to fill the void left by Shedeur Sanders in the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC). This article explores Moussa’s potential to transition from a good player to an exceptional one, the ability to succeed without Xavier Smith, and the building of an excellent defensive system as he forges his path in football.

Moussa has already proven his formidable potential by being named the Pre-season Offensive MVP. Recording a staggering 2730 yards with 21 touchdowns and 10 interceptions last season, his precision hurls managed to keep his opponents on edge. Although the Rattlers lost only to Jackson State and the University of North Carolina, Moussa made sure he kept the scoreboard ticking, clocking over 200 yards nine times. Regardless of these commendable numbers, the disappointment of the FAMU Rattlers and head coach Willie Simmons was undeniable when the FCS excluded them from the playoffs.

Moussa's courage, talent, and leadership qualities cannot be underestimated as he steps into the shoes of Sanders. Although his past performance has been exemplary, setting him on a trajectory towards greatness, the question arises, "Will Jeremy Moussa take the quantum leap?" The progression from a commendable player to an unforgettable one will not only require exceptional field abilities but also the evolution of his leadership skills, strategic decision-making, and Football IQ.

FAMU to LA - Xavier Smith
Former FAMU Offensive MVP Xavier Smith getting settled in with the LA Rams

The departure of Xavier Smith, who was one of the SWAC's best wide receivers and now a Rams WR, can likely create a vacuum in the team's offensive prowess. Smith's synergy with Moussa was undeniably successful, contributing significantly to the team's offensive strategies. However, will Moussa manage to maintain these spectacular numbers without Smith?

The key lies in his adaptability. Moussa will have to bring his A-game, including aggressive play, accurate throws, and robust offensive strategies to carry the Rattlers this fall. FAMU will have some promising wide receivers stepping in the place of Smith, Jah'Marae Sheread and Marcus Riley, both expected to complete and enhance the formidable offensive chord built by Moussa. Together with OL Cameron Covin, these players have already been selected for the Pre-Season All-SWAC Selections, with Riley making it in the second team. 

Bolstering Moussa's efforts is the Rattlers' laudable defense. Three player including, Isaiah Major, Javan Morgan, have been chosen Preseason All-SWAC players, underlining their undisputed skills and defensive prowess. FAMU has sent at least two of its defensive stars to the NFL in the last two years in Isaiah Land and Marquese Bell. This top-class defense will be an excellent foundation for Moussa and the rest of the team to base their attacks, providing ample opportunities to capitalize on.

Despite the departures of Xavier Smith and Isaiah Land, there are positive predictions for the FAMU Rattlers, being favorites to clinch the SWAC East. Moussa's transition from the "Good" column to the "Great" one would significantly depend on his adaptability, teamwork, and strategic abilities complemented by his formidable skills. The equation for success requires him to use all of these elements in harmony.

Can Moussa shoulder this pressure and navigate this new terrain? In a sport where unpredictability reigns, only time will tell.


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