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The Giants Bolster Defense with the acquisition of Isaiah Simmons. Can they Superstar Potential?

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Giants Bolster Defense with Acquisition of Linebacker Isaiah Simmons. Photo adapted from @IsaiahSimmons on IG.

In a move that could potentially reshape their defensive lineup, the New York Giants have successfully traded for linebacker Isaiah Simmons from the Arizona Cardinals. The eighth overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, Simmons brings an impressive blend of speed, power, size, and athleticism to the Giants' roster, sparking hopes of unlocking his full potential in the NFL.

Simmons, a standout defender from Clemson, entered the league with sky-high expectations. Possessing remarkable 4.39-second speed, he was touted as a versatile player who could seamlessly transition between safety, linebacker, and even cornerback roles. However, his tenure with the Cardinals saw him struggling to find a definitive role within the team's defensive scheme, leaving fans yearning for a glimpse of his true capabilities.

Under the guidance of new head coach Jonathan Gannon, Simmons was experimented with as a deep safety, yet the results failed to showcase his explosive talents. This lack of a well-defined position hindered his ability to make the impact many anticipated when he entered the league. The Giants, known for their history of utilizing uber-athletic multi-position players, are hoping to change that narrative and unleash Simmons' potential on the field.

Simmons at times has seemed out of place in the Cardinal’s Defense. Photo adapted from @IsaiahSimmons on IG.

New York's recent attempts to harness the capabilities of versatile players have yielded mixed results. Last year's experiment with Jaylon Smith, who has since moved on to the New Orleans Saints, showcased effectiveness without reaching extraordinary heights. Similarly, the team struggled to fully utilize Jabrill Peppers, another versatile defensive player whose potential was never fully realized.

A look at Simmons' highlights reveals the tantalizing promise that earned him recognition as a top draft prospect. His lightning-fast speed enables him to close in on quarterbacks with remarkable efficiency, leaving them with minimal room for escape. This trait has been demonstrated against some of the league's top signal-callers, including Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins, and Jimmy Garoppolo. Notably, Simmons' performance on blitz plays stands out as a testament to his potential to become a defensive star at the next level.

The challenge lies in placing Simmons in a role that maximizes his impact, a feat that has eluded the Cardinals thus far. With the Giants, under the leadership of defensive coordinator Don Martindale, there is optimism that Simmons' superstar potential can be unlocked. Martindale's strategic vision and ability to harness the strengths of his players provide a promising environment for Simmons to thrive in, potentially leading to a transformation of the Giants' defense.

Simmons is excellent when blitzing quarterbacks and is nearly impossible to escape. Photo adapted from @IsaiahSimmons on IG.

As the Giants secure their acquisition of Isaiah Simmons, NFL fans eagerly await the unfolding of this chapter in his career. The combination of his unparalleled athleticism and a team that is poised to tap into his potential could result in a resurgence that cements his place as one of the league's most electrifying defensive players. Only time will tell if the Giants have found the key to unlock the brilliance that Simmons was destined to bring to the NFL.


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