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Claws Out: Tigers Mangle Cardinals in Dominant Display | Clemson v. Louisville Men's Basketball

Clemson took on Louisville in ACC battle at home. Photo: Dez Barnes
Clemson took on Louisville in ACC battle at home. Photo: Dez Barnes

Everybody loves a late night game of basketball, especially in Clemson. The Littlejohn Coliseum welcomed it’s fans back for the G.R.I.T Men’s basketball against the Louisville Cardinals. The Tigers came into the game 13-6 against a struggling 6-14 Louisville team. Therefore, the game should have been a pretty easy feat for them on home court. Leading the team is P.J. Hall and they looked ready to take on this ACC battle.

The first half started off and did not disappoint as baskets were put up early. Louisville showed some promise in the beginning as they once lead the game up by 2 points. But, a roaring Tiger offense came back took the lead and ended the half being up 34-22.

Rebounding was going to be the game changer as both teams had times at the basket where crucial second chance points were missed. Coming into the second half, it is possible that Lousiville’s Tre White might make a strong surge as he ended the half with 8 points and 3 rebounds. He had been the leader for the Cardinals however, it was serious that his teammates fell in line to help them get back into the game.

CU Student section is lit every game. Photo: Dez Barnes
CU Student section is lit every game. Photo: Dez Barnes

To start the second half they congratulated Clemson’s Guard Chase Hunter for reaching the 1,000 points mark which he accomplished within the first half. It is also notable that Tigers’ star P.J. Hall ended the Hal with 10 points, 1 assist, and 2 rebounds. Ian Schieffelin had a slow game with 4 rebounds, 4 points, and 2 assist. But, as we all know the matter of stats can change quickly within a game and the second half was heating up to show the force on the Tigers’ roster.

The game started to get heated within the first 3 minutes of the game as Louisville sent 2 players back to back to the line. Fouls were the opposite of what they needed in this game as they were already trailing. Clemson is known to do very well at the line thus the focus should have been on the Cardinals actually getting baskets rather than falling behind more.

However, as the half began to wind down the Cardinals trailed by 20 and it looked to be over as the only person making shots was Tre White. The Cardinals needed to gain some momentum to keep themselves in the game. Although, anything could happen in basketball, there are some leads that solidify the game and this seemed to be one of them. At 12 minutes the score was 55-31. Both teams struggling with fouls which slowed the pace of the game down, but lead to the extension of the time clock.

Surprisingly, with 4 minutes remaining in the game the Cardinals got the deficit down to 10 points. With Tre White carrying the team on his back he secured a few crucial shots that helped keep them alive. Clemson on the flip began to ease up on their power play, and the offense changed up a bit which did not bring success. Although, they were still up they caused a few unlikely fouls and sent the Cardinals to the line which helped them make a 62-66 comeback with less than a minute remaining. However, with 24.7 seconds left they sent the Tigers to the line and accumulated their 10th foul. The Cardinals fought hard, they picked up their pace, and got tougher on defense. Even with P.J. Hall getting 5 fouls and being taken out the game for the last minute of play- it still was not enough for the Cardinals in the end. Clemson closed out the game with a 70-64 win at home.

This is Dez Barnes of Pretty Girls Love Sports, a journalist on the MTMV Sports platform. She is a retired US Army veteran, professional cheerleader, pet mom, and avid sports lover. Feel free to follow her writings as she dives into the latest sports news! You can find her on all social media channels @PGLOVESPORTS.


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