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Coach Deion Sanders confirms the Colorado Offer, along with additional Offers.

This morning Coach Deion Sanders met with SWAC media and confirmed the rumors of an offer being made by Colorado. Coach Prime declined to confirm his interest in the offer but did say that the Colorado offer wasn’t the only offer on the table. Coach Prime did however, state that the offers would not stop him from having his team fully prepared for the SWAC Championship, December 3rd vs. Southern University. Coach Prime, mentioned the fact that he’s been “Prime” for a long time, he wasn’t new to the spotlight and that he is well-known for being able to “keep the main thing, the main thing”. Coach Prime mentioned that he is entirely focused on Saturday’s game. How will his players adjust to the rumors and will the “intoxicating” , as Coach Prime referred to them, flirtations of the FBS effect the outcome of Saturday’s matchup? Coach Dooley and the Southern Jaguars sure hope so, as this time last year Coach Dooley, then the coach of Prairie View A&M, was in line for his job at Southern while preparing for the SWAC championship against Jackson State. Jackson State walked away with the title, and Coach Dooley is hoping now that the tables are turned, this game will go in his favor. Jackson State will face Southern University this Saturday December 3rd with an opportunity to become back to back SWAC Champions and avenge their loss in last year’s Celebration Bowl.


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