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Coach Deion Sanders sits alone at the top of Colorado’s wish list with an offer on the Table

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

It has been long rumored that Coach Deion Sanders would not be at Jackson State for long. According to multiple credible sources Colorado has made an offer to Coach Prime. The college football world saw what Coach Sanders has done at Jackson State University and many Athletic Directors and fan bases want some of that magic for their own. Coach Sanders has put Jackson State University on the national stage, successfully out recruited the best colleges in the land, has gone undefeated this season, has his son in the Heisman trophy race, and has one of the highest graduation rates in the country. The Bible says if you're faithful with small things that you will also be faithful with large things, and the larger more funded colleges and universities apparently believe in that principle. Although it was rumored this week that his issues at Prime Academy was at the front of decision maker's mind, when thinking of making Coach Prime the face of their university. That is apparently a non-issue. However, Deion Sanders leaving Jackson State could be a devastating blow to millions of HBCU fans. The HBCU community has come to love and "love-hate" Coach Sanders, but above all they know that what Coach Sanders has done for the past few seasons has been a remarkable boon for HBCUs. Coach Sanders said in a recent press conference to HBCU media, Getting offers and the rumors are a good thing, "if any time a job opening came up at ESPN, Fox, and the NFL Network, and your name came up wouldn't you like that", the media all agreed that they would enjoy that thought. So in that light no one can blame Coach Prime for doing exactly what he said he would do, entertain the offers. So what happens if Coach Prime takes the job? What happens to Shedeur? Travis Hunter? Coleman? and all the recruits that were hoping to make Jackson State their home? Do they all pack up and go to Colorado too? For now it's just an offer and we will see how Coach Prime responds, but it's interesting and whatever decision he makes will be a meaningful one.


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