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Coach Prime adds HBCU head coach to staff

Former Mississippi Valley State head coach Vincent Dancy will coach the safeties for Coach Prime and the Buffaloes.

Coach Prime is recruiting coaches as well.

Deion Sanders has made quite a splash since coming to Colorado. From broadcasting his last meeting with the players at Jackson State to broadcasting his first meeting with the players at Colorado, Coach Prime has made waves. Transfer players and high school recruits have also stated their desire to play for Sanders.

It seems that players not only want to play for Coach Prime, but coaches also want to coach for Coach Prime.

Sanders does not get enough credit for his ability to put together a coaching staff. He had arguably the best staff in FCS while at Jackson State. Tim Brewster, Dennis Thurman, and Alan Ricard were among the coaches that were part of that staff. Coach Prime is assembling quite a star-studded cast of coaches.

One sitting head coach that Sanders has always thought highly of is Mississippi Valley Head Coach Vincent Dancey. Now, Coach Dancy is following Sanders to Boulder. It is unclear where he will land on the staff, but Dancy played linebacker at Jackson State and was a defensive coordinator before taking the job at 'Valley.

Mississippi Valley State is one of the smallest universities in Division-I football, with the smallest budget for any school participating in football. Dancey went 10-38 during his time with the Delta Devils. Valley struggled to put a quality team on the field because of budget constraints and inadequate facilities.

The move gives Dancey, a career HBCU coach, an opportunity to coach at a higher-profile school, something that does not happen. Sanders is the first coach to move directly from an HBCU to a Power Five coaching job, and Dancy is the first to be a Power Five position coach directly from an HBCU.

Coach Prime hired Charles Kelly as defensive coordinator and Andre Hart as linebackers coach, so Dancey is likely to coach the defensive backs in Boulder.

It had been rumored that Florida A&M head coach Willie Simmons would follow Sanders to Boulder, but he has said he was never offered a position on the staff.


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