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Daddy's Home

After a year not only away from the cage but away from any Bellator events, Bantamweight Champion Sergio Pettis was a guest analyst and came to the post fight press area to share with media. His first statement to the media and the world, “Daddy’s Home!”

Without MMA training, a sport he has competed in done since 2009 Pettis wasn’t left without a fight. He had to fight to rehab his knee due to an ACL injury. The toughest battle was with the man in the mirror.

In a vulnerable and transparent moment, The Phenom shared his battles with mental health. Combating both Depression and Anxiety, idleness has devastated many people. Coming off the best year in his career, becoming champion and scoring a highlight reel finish in a watershed fight, being shelved would mess with anyone's psyche.

Photo: Lucas Noonan

Like the champion he is, Sergio didn’t get bitter, he got better. Spending time with fiancé mom and dogs, he also got some much needed rest so that when he returns his body will be rejuvenated. Pettis also sharpened his skills training up-and-comers at Roufus Sport. Like fighters who have stepped into the booth, training gives Pettis a different perspective, which he believes will translate positively in the cage. He also took time to work on his mental health to become the best version of himself possible.

Sergio expressed his gratitude to Bellator for not making the title vacant as they did with Horiguchi. Though he cannot fight for a million dollars as he planned, he will face the Grand Prix winner. Whether it’s teammate, Interim Champ Raufeon Stots, or Patchy Mix, he’ll face someone with whom he’s trained with.

One person who has brought attention to the division and promotion is Danny Sabatello. The champ said he’s glad to have an agitator in the division but is not fond of the what he says when trash talking. “As long as he (Sabatello) keeps it about me (Pettis), I don’t have a problem with it. If Stots or anyone else left in the Grand Prix is successful, against Danny, Serg won’t have to worry about him for a while. We will know how beneficial this layoff has been when he seeks to unify the title in 2023.


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