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Debunking Stereotypes: Black Quarterbacks Making Waves in the NFL

In the landscape of the National Football League (NFL), the 2023-2024 season kicked off with a groundbreaking moment: a record-breaking 14 Black quarterbacks starting for their respective teams out of 32 in Week 1. This remarkable feat underscores a significant shift in the narrative surrounding Black quarterbacks, challenging longstanding stereotypes and proving their undeniable talent and capability on the field.

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Among the notable names leading their teams this season are Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs, Jalen Hurts of the Eagles, Lamar Jackson of the Ravens, Dak Prescott of the Cowboys, and Deshaun Watson of the Browns, to name a few. These quarterbacks, along with their counterparts, are shattering barriers and reshaping perceptions of what it means to lead an NFL offense.

The success of these quarterbacks extends beyond the regular season, with six of them representing their teams in the postseason. Notably, this season, Mahomes and Jackson faced off in the AFC Championship, ensuring that a Black quarterback would again be vying for Super Bowl glory.

Reflecting on Super Bowl history, we see a notable presence of Black quarterbacks who have not only made it to the big game but have also emerged victorious. Doug Williams made history as the first Black quarterback to start and win a Super Bowl in 1987. Since then, luminaries like Steve McNair, Donovan McNabb, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, and Patrick Mahomes have left an indelible mark on the sport, challenging stereotypes and inspiring generations of aspiring quarterbacks.

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Mahomes, in particular, has solidified his place as one of the game's greats, making four Super Bowl appearances and securing three victories. His remarkable achievements, alongside those of his fellow Black quarterbacks, serve as a testament to their exceptional skill, leadership, and resilience.

The narrative of Black quarterbacks in the NFL is evolving, debunking outdated stereotypes and showcasing their ability to excel at the highest level of competition. As we celebrate their successes, we also recognize the importance of continued representation, support, and opportunity for Black quarterbacks in the NFL and beyond. They are not just changing the game; they are redefining it, one historic moment at a time.

Written by Robert "Rob Redeemed" Davis

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