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Deion using his platform to help SWAC Rival

Jackon State head coach Deion Sanders pledges to help in-state rival Mississippi Valley State with practice and game field.

Much has been made of Jackon State head coach Deion Sanders' work with the Tigers and HBCU football. Coach Prime has put to rest any notions that he is in Jackson, Mississippi, the SWAC, or HBCU football to self-promote or use this job as a stepping stone to a more significant head coaching job.

Sanders began using his platform during the spring 2021 season when he helped broker a deal for SWAC football to be televised across the ESPN family of networks. Jackson State's spring game was televised on ESPNU this year.

Everything that Sanders has done has been in the best interest of the university that employs him, the SWAC, and HBCU football. For those who have followed Coach Prime and his tenure as coach of the Jackson State Tigers, it should come as little surprise that he is using his platform to assist a rival and friend with their practice and game facilities.

On April 28th, Coach Prime went to Itta Bena, Mississippi, to visit coach Dancy and tour the Mississippi Valley State football facilities. Sanders was taken aback when they drove a mile from the football facility to the practice field.

Coach Prime noticed (and the camera did as well) the patches on both fields and how poorly the university maintained them. At the end of the visit, coach Prime pledged to help his friend coach Dancy with the stadium and practice fields.

This act is proof you can be rivals on the field and friends off of it. If you would like to donate to MVSU athletics, follow this link.


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