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Derek Carr and the Saints give the Who Dat Nation something to get excited about this season

Get ready, Who Dat Nation, because Derek Carr's debut with the New Orleans Saints was absolutely out of this world! I mean, the man was like a superhero out there, soaring through the air with his throws and leading the Saints to victory against the almighty Kansas City Chiefs, last year's Super Bowl champions led by the legendary Patrick Mahomes. It was like watching a showdown between two titans, and Carr came out on top!

Let's talk about that drive, shall we? In his first and only drive of the game, Carr put on a show for the ages, dazzling us with his skills and precision. He led the Saints on an awe-inspiring 85-yard drive that had us on the edge of our seats. It was like a rollercoaster of emotions, with Carr connecting with various players like a master puppeteer. Juwan Johnson, Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas – they all got a taste of Carr's magic. And then, the grand finale, a magnificent 4-yard pass to Keith Kirkwood for a touchdown! Cue the confetti and fireworks, because that was pure perfection!

Now, let's give a round of applause to Kamara. Despite all the buzz about his supposed loss of explosiveness, he silenced the doubters and unleashed a hurricane of talent on that field. Sure, he'll be serving a three-game suspension at the start of the season for a little scuffle in Las Vegas, but that didn't stop him from showing off his incredible burst and versatility. The man was like a cheetah, darting through the defense with ease. And that screen play? Oh, it was a work of art, like watching a Picasso painting come to life. Kamara is not just at the top of his game, he's playing a whole different game altogether!

But it wasn't just the offense that stole the show. Oh no, the first-team defense came out swinging, ready to take down the mighty Mahomes and his Chiefs. They stood tall, like a towering wall of steel, refusing to let Mahomes and his crew have their way. The Chiefs tried everything, even Mahomes himself urging his coach to go for it on 4th down, but the Saints weren't having any of it. They said, "Not today, Mahomes!" and sent the Chiefs packing with a turnover on downs. It was like watching a David vs. Goliath battle, and the Saints were the slingshot-wielding underdogs who came out on top!

And then, when it was Winston's turn to take the reins, he didn't disappoint. He wowed us with a jaw-dropping pass to rookie sensation A.T. Perry, who snatched it out of thin air and sprinted towards the end zone like a gazelle on the African savanna. Touchdown! The crowd went wild, and Perry instantly became the hero of the day. Six catches, 70 yards, and a touchdown – not a bad day's work for a rookie, huh? We can only imagine the bright future that awaits him.

But wait, there's more! In the late stages of the game, when the tension was at its highest, the Saints' very own Shaq Davis made a grand entrance. This HBCU graduate showed us all why he deserves a spot on that field with a jaw-dropping catch in the red zone, targeted by the third-string quarterback, Jake Haener. It was like watching a Hollywood blockbuster, with Davis soaring through the air like a superhero, snatching the ball with the grace of a ballet dancer. The crowd erupted in cheers, and Davis instantly became a legend in the making.

Now, let's not forget about the Chiefs. While they may have fallen behind 17-0, they didn't go down without a fight. Their quarterback, Shane Buechele, showed some serious skills and led his team on a valiant comeback. It was like watching a phoenix rise from the ashes, with the Chiefs refusing to accept defeat. But alas, it was their backup, Chris Oladokun, who became the ultimate villain of the game. He crushed the Chiefs' hopes and dreams, preventing them from securing the win. Talk about a plot twist!

Oladokun threw the ball, which was deflected by Defensive Lineman Kyle Phillips, this led to a game clinching FG by Black Grupe. Grupe was hilariously stopped by security and asked to show credentials as Saints security assumed that he was not a member of the team. This happened to Grupe before the game and after his game winning Super Bowl. Cameron Jordan tweeted (or X'ed) that he looks like pre-Super Powers Captain America. Either way if his super power is to make the Saints better in the kicking game, than consider me sold.

So, Saints fans, buckle up and get ready for an action-packed season ahead. With Derek Carr leading the way as their franchise quarterback, the future looks brighter than ever for the Who Dat Nation. And as for the Chiefs, well, they may brush off this loss, reminding themselves that it's just preseason. But deep down, they know that the absence of DT Chris Jones was a major blow to their defense. You can't just replace a guy like that, no sir!

Blake Grupe at Saints Camp

So, get your jerseys on, grab your popcorn, and prepare for a wild ride, Who Dat Nation! The stage is set, the players are ready, and football season is upon us. Let the games begin!



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