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"Don't get it confused; it's not a celebration" says Devante Adams amid Raiders firing Head Coach

Adams makes it clear it is not a celebration with recent firing of Head Coach and GM. Photo: Devante Adams Instagram
Adams makes it clear it is not a celebration with recent firing of Head Coach and GM. Photo: Davante Adams Instagram

In the wake of the Raiders' turbulent season, characterized by a 3-5 record and mounting frustrations, a seismic shift occurred as the team bid farewell to their head coach, Josh McDaniels, and General Manager, Dave Ziegler. The wind of change brought anticipation and apprehension, and star wide receiver Devante Adams is at the center.

Adams, known for his candid and passionate demeanor, didn't mince words as he addressed the press: "At this point, don't get it confused, it's not a celebration that we have a new coach, and changes were made," Adams said, per The Athletic. "Obviously, I think it was time one way or the other; it was time for some change. Just to bring a little juice in and revitalize the team a little bit."

His sentiments reverberate with a hint of optimism, recognizing the necessity of a fresh start. The frustration peaked during their recent Monday Night Football loss to the Detroit Lions, a game where Adams' emotions and the team's struggles were palpable.

Raiders are looking for a fresh start with the firing of Head Coach McDaniels. Photo: Instagram
Raiders are looking for a fresh start with the firing of Head Coach McDaniels. Photo: Instagram

Adams revealed that the "vibes" around the Raiders' facilities had already begun to change with McDaniels' departure. A newfound camaraderie was evident as players, including Adams and Ameer Abdullah, were spotted enjoying some lighthearted moments during the team's open locker room period on Thursday.

Adams humorously noted that their attempt to have fun might even be evidence of why they've not won more. It's a clear indication of the cultural shift happening within the team.

But the question of Adams' performance arises. With a rare drop in the Monday night game and statistics below his lofty standards this season, one may wonder if he's part of the problem. He currently holds 47 catches for 539 yards and three touchdowns in eight games, which is projected to be his worst season since 2019, when he was with the Packers.

Tweet from Davante Adams twitter.
Tweet from Davante Adams twitter.

Adams alludes to a shift in mindset for the team as they move forward: "I think it's more of a mindset that we (are) trying to – not force – but just have moving forward to just be as positive as possible," Adams said. "... I think that's kind of the mindset we have. Just try to have fun and enjoy our time on the field. I think, as we speak to each other, there's been too much of this has just been feeling like work too much and not having enough fun. Just got to go back to that."

Despite any potential rift between Adams and McDaniels, the star receiver thanked his former coach and Ziegler for bringing him to Vegas. The blockbuster trade with the Packers in March 2022 and the subsequent $141.25 million extension was a landmark moment in Adams' career.

Adams sincerely thanked his former mentors: "Before I say anything else, I just want to say I really appreciate Josh and Dave for bringing me here and going through what they went through to make this happen for me," Adams told reporters on Thursday. "I'm really appreciative of them because if they didn't fight as hard as they did to make this happen, then who knows how it would have panned out. It didn't end up being the storybook finish that we all hoped that it would be, but at the end of the day, you can't live your life saying, 'What if I wouldn't get here, what if they'd never taken the job or made decisions.'"

As the trade deadline loomed, there was speculation that Adams might be on the move, but he made it clear that, despite the ups and downs, he remains steadfast in his commitment to the Raiders: "As I've said countless times, I want to be a Raider," he said. "So I want to try to make this work and do everything I can to keep it going."

With Adams' resilience and the winds of change blowing through the Raiders' camp, there's hope that brighter days may lie ahead for the silver and black.


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