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Browns’ Dorian Thompson-Robinson Secures No. 2 Quarterback Spot After Stellar Preseason Performances

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Dorian Thompson-Robinson has shown elite level skills in each of his three preseason outings. - Photo adopted from @Brown X.

In a stunning preseason showing, Dorian Thompson-Robinson (DTR), the Cleveland Browns' 2023 fifth-round quarterback pick out of UCLA, has not only secured a place on the roster but also emerged as the team's new second-string quarterback. The announcement comes on the heels of a trade that saw quarterback Josh Dobbs head to the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for a fifth-round draft pick, creating the opportunity for Thompson-Robinson to showcase his exceptional talent.

Cleveland Browns fans are excited about DTR’s NFL potential! Photo adapted from @MannyMaxwell5 X.

Thompson-Robinson's preseason performances have been nothing short of phenomenal, leaving fans and analysts excited about the potential he brings to the Browns' quarterback depth chart. His debut against the Jets demonstrated his poise under pressure as he led the team to a memorable comeback victory. This was a mere glimpse of what was to come, as he followed it up with a strong showing against the Washington Commanders, leading the team to a scoring drive.

The Hall of Fame Game marked the beginning of Thompson-Robinson's showcase, where he went 8 for 11, tallying 82 passing yards and a touchdown. His contribution extended beyond the air, as he showcased his mobility with an additional 36 rushing yards. His ability to excel both as a passer and a runner became evident, leaving fans optimistic about the potential he could bring to the Browns' offense.

Building on this momentum, Thompson-Robinson's second appearance against the Commanders proved even more impressive. He displayed remarkable accuracy, completing 9 of 10 passes for 102 yards and another touchdown. The poise and confidence he exuded on the field showcased a quarterback ready to take on the challenges of the NFL.

In his third preseason game against the Eagles, Thompson-Robinson continued to impress, effectively solidifying his standing as the team's second-string quarterback. Although he didn't notch a touchdown, his 13 completions out of 25 attempts highlighted his ability to control the field and make sound decisions.

Dorian Thompson-Robinson has secured his spot on the Brown’s 53-man roster. Photo adopted from Browns X.

Leading up to the draft, Thompson-Robinson caught the attention of analysts, with Chris Simms ranking him as his fifth-best overall quarterback prospect. This placed him ahead of other notable talents like Will Levis. Thompson-Robinson's preseason performances have not only validated Simms' assessment but also established him as a standout among his fellow rookies, including Bryce Young, the first overall draft pick by the Carolina Panthers.

As the Browns prepare for the upcoming season, Thompson-Robinson's emergence offers a glimmer of hope and excitement. His poise, accuracy, and versatility have set the stage for a potentially transformative journey in the NFL. With DTR now poised as the Browns' second-string quarterback, fans eagerly await the regular season to witness his progression and potential impact on the team's quest for success.


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