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"El Monstero's Dominance: A Symphony of Speed and Skill Ends in Another Spectacular Victory"

The Beginning of the End for Boo Boo.

In a night that showcased the mesmerizing beauty of the sweet science, the clash between Demetrius "Boo-Boo" Andrade and David Benavidez unfolded like a dramatic masterpiece in the ring. Each round, a chapter in the tale of skill, strategy, and resilience.

The mid-round (2) ballet of blows was a beautiful combination, a dance of fists and footwork that left the audience in awe. However, amidst the artistry, Boo-Boo found himself warned for holding, a reminder of the fine line between aggression and infringement.

Andre's speed and skill proved to be a formidable challenge for Benavidez, crowding his shots while landing precise counters. Boo Boo began investigating in the body but it would not pay off as he hoped. In the final minute of Round 3, El Monstero found his rhythm, the question was would it continue.  Indeed it did as Benavidez kept applying pressure and dropped Demetrious with one second left in Round 4.

A Right around the gaurd turned the tide. Photo My Bookie X

As the next round commenced, it was evident that Demetrius had not fully recovered. Hard rights continued to find their mark, causing Andre to hold on. A shoeshine combination, a desperate attempt to regain control, did little to deter David, who deftly navigated around his opponent's guard.

The doctor's examination painted a grim picture for Boo-Boo as the referee issued a stern ultimatum – show something or face the end. A body shot and an uppercut intensified the challenger's pain. Yet, resilient as ever, he retaliated with a shoeshine combination. He landed a strong uppercut of his own halfway through the round. As the battle raged on, hard shots to the head and body by David, left Andrade desperately holding on.

Post fight interview with Brian Campbell. Photo ESPN KnockOut X

Refusing to witness another round of punishment, the corner made a decisive call between Rounds six and seven. El Monstero, undefeated, had returned to his knockout ways and promptly set his sights on a higher challenge, calling out the formidable Canelo Alvarez. The night was not merely a victory for Benavidez; it was a symphony of skill, determination, and the pursuit of greatness in the squared circle.

Post-fight photo-op with Tyson who gave him the name, “The Mexican Monster.” Photo: ESPN Knockout X


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