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Saints Players Hate the Food in New Orleans. Player Surveys Unveil Some Surprising Observations

Updated: Mar 2

What are Saints players saying about Owner Gayle Benson??? Photo Credit:@saints IG
What are Saints players saying about Owner Gayle Benson??? Photo Credit:@saints IG

The heartbeat of any successful NFL team extends beyond the dazzling plays on the field; it resonates in the everyday experiences of the players within the team facilities. In a recent survey conducted by the NFL Players Association, 1,706 players shared their insights on various aspects of their respective clubs, focusing on treatment of families, facilities, coaches, and ownership. The goal? To provide valuable information for career decisions and, more importantly, raise standards across the league. Here's a detailed breakdown of the NFC South teams' grades and rankings based on this player-driven evaluation.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

The defending Super Bowl champions find themselves with a mixed report card. While their strength coaches and training staff receive high marks, the treatment of families and team travel are areas of concern, ranking 28th and 32nd, respectively. The ownership grade, a D-, places them at 29th, indicating room for improvement in the overall player experience. Across the NFL there were consistent negative grades for Treatment of Families, so many there is a need to look at that as a league then on a team basis. Maybe the Buccaneers should look to the Saints and see how they do Team Travel to improve in that area.

Atlanta Falcons:

Atlanta Falcons showcase a tale of extremes. A strong showing in nutritionist/dietician and training staff categories, ranking 4th and 5th, contrasts with glaring weaknesses in the locker room and weight room, where they sit at 29th and 31st. Ownership earns a commendable A-, ranking 9th, showcasing stability in the front office despite challenges on the field. Arthur Blank has the confidence of his team to lead them from where they have been for the past few years back to the Dirty Bird Days. The Panthers and the Buccaneers owners can't say the same and looking at some of their recent moves you can probably understand why they don't have faith in their leadership (Panthers more than Buccaneers, in my opinion)

New Orleans Saints:

The Saints emerge as a team with a diverse report card. Exceptional grades in the training room and strength coaches categories, ranking 4th and 14th, contrast with significant challenges in the food/cafeteria area, placing them 30th. The ownership ranks 11th, reflecting a mixed bag of strengths and weaknesses in various aspects of the player experience. This is one of the most surprising unveiling in all the NFL Report cards... New Orleans has a rich history of some of the best cuisine in THE WORLD, yet Saints players are not being treated consistently to that great food? Maybe, they want the players fit and in good playing shape, so they don't stuff them with Beignets, Jambalaya, Gumbo, Shrimp and Crawfish Po Boys, Tastee Donuts, .... I'm getting excited just thinking about this stuff. There are ways to cook great food and it not be terrible for the players. In New Orleans there is NO EXCUSE not to have an A in this area. Some of the best chefs in the world live in New Orleans, why are they not being hired by the Saints?

Carolina Panthers:

Consistency defines the Panthers' evaluation, with solid grades across several categories. Impressive performances by the training staff and strength coaches, ranking 3rd and 4th, contribute to their overall positive report card. However, ownership remains a point of concern, with a D-grade placing them 28th in the league.

The union says their focus extends beyond pointing out flaws, their survey provides an opportunity for positive change, offering insights into areas that demand improvement and highlighting best practices. The Union hopes teams can learn from each other, fostering an environment where players are not only on-field competitors but also stakeholders in their own welfare.

The NFC South teams, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses, now have a roadmap to enhance the daily experiences of their players. Whether it's improving family treatment, upgrading facilities, or refining coaching strategies, the insights provided by the survey serve as a valuable resource for teams looking to elevate their standards and, ultimately, their performance on the field.


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