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Five Stock Up/ Stock Players after an exciting 2024 Senior Bowl Week

UGA Cornerback Tykee Smith Wins American Team MVP. Photo Ernest Ricks MTMV Sports
UGA Cornerback Tykee Smith Wins American Team MVP. Photo Ernest Ricks MTMV Sports

The 2024 Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL showcased remarkable plays and talented prospects, leaving fans and scouts alike with much to discuss. The game kicked off with an impressive drive by the American team, highlighted by Emani Bailey's stellar rushing and Spencer Rattler's precision, culminating in a 29-yard touchdown pass to Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint.

Spencer Rattler talks to media after taking home the Senior Bowl MVP award. Photo Ernest Ricks
Spencer Rattler talks to media after taking home the Senior Bowl MVP award. Photo Ernest Ricks

Running back Kamani Vidal's powerful ground game and Bo Nix's touchdown pass to Brevyn Spann-Ford added to the excitement and tied the game at 7-7. However, turnovers marked the game, including interceptions by Evan Williams and Jarvis Brownlee, Jr., maintaining the suspense at 7-7.

The game stayed close and American team had a chance to win at the end, but Joe Milton on threw his second pick of the day and the game concluded 16-7 with a final interception by Chau Smith-Wade.

Now let's talk stock report for players involved, in this article we will only highlight 5 but we will cover more players in subsequent articles.

Stock Up:

1. Darius Robinson (Missouri, DL): A standout in 1-on-1 drills throughout the week, winning 7 out of 13 matchups, he only lost 3 and the other 3 were a tossup, but he did earn the best defensive lineman by his offensive lineman teammates. He did not play in the game but did enough during the week to raise his stock.

2. T’Vondre Sweat (Texas, DL): Despite limited stats, Sweat commanded double teams, showcasing his ability to impact the run game and providing glimpses of pass-rushing skills. He often won in one on one drills as well displaying a beautiful swim move and a consistent bull rush. He is a load and will make some linebacker very happy next season.

3. Emani Bailey (TCU, RB): Contrary to practice reports, Bailey displayed decisiveness, speed, and urgency during the game, earning him a stock boost. Maybe he is a gamer, this game will definitely send scouts and fans back to the game film, that's a positive.

4. Isaiah Adams (Illinois, Guard): Impressed all week by consistently winning reps against formidable opponents (Sweat and Jefferson) likely to see a rise in draft stock. Our favorite player after watching his week of practice and his play in the Senior Bowl game.

5. Spencer Rattler: MVP of the game, Rattler's sharp performance during the game and consistent showing throughout the week strengthened his draft stock. He didn't do much nor did he have to, he scored the most impressive touchdown of game on a beautiful pass to the corner of the endzone. He will need to maintain this led he has over the second tier quarterbacks in his pro day and at the combine.

Stock Down:

1. Joe Milton (Tennessee, QB): Errant throws, indecisiveness, and critical interceptions marred Milton's week and culminated in a challenging game, resulting in a stock decrease.

2. Kaylen King: A less than stellar week of practice may impact King's draft stock negatively, and he'll need to bounce back.

3. Tez Walker: Despite great speed, Walker struggled with drops throughout the week and missed opportunities in the game, leading to a stock decline.

4. Sam Hartman: Though showing moments of promise, Hartman's overall performance, including a critical interception, resulted in a stock decrease.

5. Charles Turner and Jordan Jefferson (LSU): Both players struggled in 1-on-1 drills, and Jefferson's frustration went viral, indicating a need for improvement during LSU's pro day.

While the Senior Bowl provided valuable insights, players will now look to pro days and the combine to further shape their draft destinies. Scouts and fans eagerly await the next chapter in the journey to the NFL for these promising prospects.


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