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Georgia Tech Men’s Basketball Team Topples HBCU Alabama A&M 70-49

Georgia Tech was favored to win this game convincingly, especially after upsetting #22 Duke earlier this month, but was coming off of a loss to the University of Georgia earlier this week. According to Coach Damon Stoudamire they expected to Alabama A&M to play hard and play tough and the Tigers started off the playing very inspired basketball. Alabama A&M even led at one point early in the contest. However, Georgia Tech proved to be too much for Alabama A&M, especially on the boards out rebounding A&M 55-28, despite facing two massive Centers one being AJ Williams, who stands at 6-10, 275lbs. The Georgia Tech team was led tonight by Kowacie Reeves who scored 20 point and collected 10 rebounds.

Kowacie attributed his success in rebounding, scoring, and even his free throw percentage (6-6 tonight) to Coach Stoudamire and his ability to comfortable in the offense. “That goes right back to Coach, how comfortable I am out there is a test to what he has instilled in men since from I even committed here so I just go up there with confidence and knock it down. “ when asked about his high free throw percentage.

Alabama A&M’s Chad Moodie led A&M in scoring with 8 points and he also had two great blocks toward the end of the game. Alabama A&M is now 1-7 on the season and will take on Samford, as Georgia Tech prepares to play Penn State next week.

If they are going to be successful, they are going to have to clean up their carelessness with the ball. They had a whooping 20 turnovers and Coach Stoudamire mentioned that taking care of the ball will be the focus of next week’s workouts.

Alabama A&M enters SWAC play early in January and will have to get much from three point range if they want to improve on their record and have a chance at winning the SWAC championship. Tonight they were 10% from 3, shooting 2/20.


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