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Chance Williams and Myles Crawley shine early, but GSU ultimately fall to LSU 72-10 at Tiger Stadium

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

In a game that showcased the stark contrast between two football powerhouses, the LSU Tigers roared to a resounding 72-10 victory over Grambling State University. The day began under clear skies and sweltering 90-degree weather, with both teams eager to bounce back from recent losses. The LSU Tigers, fresh off a defeat to Florida State, were determined to make a statement against Grambling, who had also faced a loss to Hampton University.

The Tigers of LSU wasted no time, taking control of the game from the outset. Quarterback Jayden Daniels orchestrated an impressive opening drive, capping it off with a 26-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Brian Thomas. Grambling State's response was swift, as quarterback Myles Crawley connected with Antonio Jones on a significant pass play that led to a red zone opportunity.

Grambling, displaying innovative formations with three linemen, capitalized on their chance in the red zone. Crawley delivered a pinpoint pass to JR Waters, who made a spectacular catch for Grambling's first touchdown of the day. However, Grambling's undisciplined play resulted in numerous penalties that gave LSU favorable field position.

The LSU Tigers continued to assert their dominance on offense, with Jayden Daniels delivering another long touchdown pass, this time a 47-yard bomb to Hilton Jr., leaving the Grambling defense scrambling to contain the aerial onslaught. LSU's offensive prowess was on full display as they orchestrated a three-play, 45-second drive to extend their lead to 14-7.

Grambling, far from intimidated, showcased poise on offense and a belief in their ability to exploit one-on-one coverage situations. However, their undisciplined play led to a flurry of penalties throughout the first half. Nevertheless, Grambling moved the ball effectively, particularly in third-down situations, thanks in part to the impressive running of Chance Williams. Williams rushed for an astounding 106 yards on just seven carries, boasting an average of 15.1 yards per rush.

The first quarter saw LSU's offense firing on all cylinders, scoring on every drive and encountering minimal resistance from Grambling's defense. The scoreline continued to favor LSU, with Logan Diggs adding to the tally with a rushing touchdown, making it 28-10.

As the game progressed, LSU's offensive onslaught continued, with Jayden Daniels completing 18 of 24 passes for 269 yards and an impressive five touchdowns in the first half alone. Grambling found themselves trailing 42-10 at halftime, largely due to their own costly penalties.

At halftime, the Grambling State Band emerged victorious in the traditional halftime battle of the bands, offering a bright spot for Grambling fans. However, if we're honest, everyone in attendance knew that would happen.

Despite the lopsided score, Myles Crawley put on a respectable performance, managing one touchdown pass with a passer rating of 126.9 and no interceptions in the first half.

The game saw a massive crowd of 97,735 in attendance, highlighting the enthusiasm for college football in the region. Photo Credit: Ernest Ricks
The game saw a massive crowd of 97,735 in attendance, highlighting the enthusiasm for college football in the region. Photo Credit: Ernest Ricks

LSU's offensive dominance continued throughout the game, with touchdowns scored on nearly every drive except the final one. Head Coach Brian Kelly expressed his condolences for the injured Grambling State player, Jaquavis Richmond, emphasizing that the game paled in comparison to the player's health.

Coach Kelly also praised Grambling's early resilience, acknowledging the challenges they presented before adjustments were made. LSU's offense scored on ten consecutive possessions, showcasing their relentless offensive efficiency.

As the final score stood at an emphatic 72-10 in favor of LSU, the game was marred by concern for Jaquavis Richmond, who sustained a significant injury during the match. Reports indicated that he was not paralyzed, providing some solace amid the game's outcome.

Chance Williams, who had a standout performance, was praised by both Coach Kelly and Coach Hue Jackson. Williams' impressive day on the field was attributed to his tenacity and skill, making him a force to be reckoned with.

Was it worth it?

According to, Grambling was paid $760,000 to play in this obvious win scenario for LSU. For the money, they suffered a significant injury to a young man eager to play for Grambling this season and an embarrassing loss in front of national audience. However, running back Chance Williams, quarterback Myles Crawley, and Wide Receiver JR Waters did perform well in front of NFL scouts against an SEC school, as both the Steelers and Commanders scouts were in the building. Players from smaller schools can use these types of games as evidence that they can play against "the big boys". This did well for now Los Angeles Rams, and former South Carolina State, Cornerback Decobie Durant in his NFL Draft Campaign. Grambling's band also can add another notch to their claim to be world famed, as they again brought remarkable entertainment to the over 97,000 in attendance.

In conclusion, LSU's dominant victory was expected. However Grambling's initial offensive success was truly a great surprise and gives the Grambling Tigers something to build on prior to SWAC play. With the win, LSU now sets their sights on Mississippi State, while Grambling looks to bounce back in upcoming contests against Florida Memorial and in SWAC play against Texas Southern.


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