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Hard Fought Battle: Providence College Faces Tough Loss Against Iona

The game ignited with excitement as Providence College Kendall Eddy showcased impressive skills, securing a jump shot that set the tone for a closely contested match. Iona's Sierra DeAngelo quickly responded, tying the game at 2-2 with a well-executed jumper. The first quarter unfolded with intense action, featuring offensive rebounds, and put backs from Friars Olivia Nelson. Iona faced challenges with a shot clock violation, while Friars Kendall Eddy stole the ball, extending their lead to 8-6. A media timeout ensued with 4:34 left in the first quarter, and the score deadlocked at 8-8.

Iona's Petra Oborilova and Friars Emily Archibald exchanged baskets, keeping the score close at 12-10. The back-and-forth continued, with Iona's Noa Givon hitting a three to take a brief lead at 13-12. PC's Laryn Edwards, however, responded with a jumper, pushing Friars ahead 14-13. The first quarter concluded with Friars leading 17-15, and Kendall Eddy emerged as a standout player with 7 points. The second quarter witnessed PC's Olivia Olsen making a significant impact, starting with an offensive board and putback, extending their lead to 19-15. Friars' Brynn Farrell nailed a three, furthering their advantage to 22-18. Olivia's impressive block set up Sarah Bandoma for a layup, leading to a 24-18 score. Friars maintained control, leading 33-26 at halftime, shooting 40% from the field compared to Iona's 41.7%. Kendall Eddy led Friar’s scoring with 10 points, complemented by Olivia Olsen's 6 points and 6 boards.

The third quarter marked a spirited comeback from Iona, with Natalia Otkhmezuri scoring crucial jumpers and Noa Givon tying the game at 35-35 with a jumper. Iona then surged ahead with Natalia Otkhmezuri three-pointer, leading 38-35. The quarter concluded with Iona in control, leading 43-35. Iona continued their dominance in the fourth quarter, with Noa Givon extending the lead with a three, making it a 10-point game at 51-41. Despite a late rally from PC, highlighted by Nariah Scott's three-pointer, Iona secured the win, closing the game at 61-49. The leading scorers were Olivia Olsen with 13 points and 12 rebounds and Kendall Eddy with 12 points for the friars, while Iona's Noa Givon led with 20 points, Natalia Otkhmezururi contributed 19 points, and Ella Fajardo provided 8 assists.


Wins and lessons.

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