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HBCU Players Shine in NFL Preseason Battles, but which HBCU Players Will Make the Final Roster?

The NFL preseason is in full swing, and HBCU players are showcasing their talents as they fight for coveted spots on NFL rosters. From spectacular catches to impactful defensive plays, these athletes are leaving their mark and proving that talent knows no bounds.

1. Shaq Davis, WR (South Carolina State) - New Orleans Saints

Shaq Davis has captured attention with his impressive receptions for the New Orleans Saints. In both Week 1 and Week 2, he exhibited his leaping ability and solid hands, securing catches that made a difference on the field. Davis's potential as a tall receiver is evident, and despite stiff competition, he seems poised to land a spot on the practice squad.

2. Isaiah Land, LB (FAMU) - Dallas Cowboys

Isaiah Land, the FAMU sack master, is making his presence felt on the Dallas Cowboys' defense. In Week 2, he showcased his tackling skills and secured his first sack, indicating his ability to impact the passer. With a history of Cowboys selecting FAMU players, Land's potential to make the team, or at least the practice squad, is promising.

3. Xavier Smith, WR (FAMU) - Los Angeles Rams

Xavier Smith from FAMU has taken strides on both offense and special teams. His standout catch and punt returns have shown glimpses of his playmaking abilities. However, Smith faces competition for a roster spot, and his impact in the third preseason game could be the key to solidifying his place on the team.

4. Aubrey Miller Jr., LB (Jackson State) - Miami Dolphins

Aubrey Miller Jr. is gaining fans in the Miami Dolphins' camp with his enthusiastic approach. While he hasn't piled up stats in the preseason games, his spirit and commitment to the team are evident. Having signed a multi-year contract, Miller is likely to secure his place on the roster.

5. Emmanuel Wilson, RB (Fort Valley State) - Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers

Emmanuel Wilson's journey from Fort Valley State to the NFL is nothing short of phenomenal. Despite being released by the Broncos, he found a home with the Green Bay Packers. Wilson's explosive performance in his first preseason game, including an 80-yard burst, turned heads and earned him a strong chance to make the team.

6. Darius Hagans, RB (Virginia State) - Indianapolis Colts

Darius Hagans is working hard to leave an impact with the Indianapolis Colts. However, limited opportunities have hindered his ability to showcase his skills. While his path to the roster may be challenging, a standout performance in the third preseason game could boost his chances.

7. Isaiah Bolden, CB (Jackson State) - New England Patriots

Isaiah Bolden, the lone HBCU player drafted this year, is proving his versatility with the New England Patriots. Bolden's contributions on special teams and defensive plays have caught attention. His remarkable speed is evident in every opportunity he has to touch the ball. Bolden gave the entire NFL world a serious scare last week, but fortunately he was able to recover and it back to the team in good spirits. His play and ability as a return specialist should a spot on the Patriots final roster.

As the NFL preseason continues, the performances of these HBCU players illustrate their determination to succeed at the highest level. While the road to an NFL roster is competitive, these athletes are showcasing their skills, leaving fans and coaches alike eager to see how their journeys unfold.


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