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Eight HBCU Stars on Reese’s 2024 Senior Bowl Watchlist

Jarveon Howard has caught the eyes of the Reese’s Senior Bowl Scouting Team.

In a testament to the remarkable talent that Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) continue to produce, eight standout players have earned spots on the highly anticipated Reese’s Senior Bowl Watchlist for the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. The Senior Bowl Staff, composed of seasoned NFL evaluators, diligently scoured the college football landscape to identify the cream of the crop, emphasizing the importance of senior tape in their selection process.

With their commitment to showcasing top-tier talent, the Senior Bowl Staff reiterated their dedication to evaluating players through live game exposures. Comprising 11 scouts boasting an impressive 200 years of NFL experience, the staff leverages extensive relationships across both college and professional football to uncover hidden gems, late bloomers, and those seizing opportunities in their final collegiate seasons.

Last year's Senior Bowl served as a launching pad for HBCU standouts Linebacker Aubrey Miller of Jackson State and Linebacker Isaiah Land, both of whom went on to secure NFL contracts with the Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys, respectively. Their outstanding performances on the Senior Bowl stage underscore the significance of the event in propelling the careers of HBCU talents.

This year, the Reese’s Senior Bowl Watchlist showcases a remarkable assembly of HBCU athletes from the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) and the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC).

Among them are:

1. Jarveon Howard (SWAC) -

Alcorn State University - RB

2. Kendall Bohler (SWAC) -

Florida A&M University - CB

3. Javan Morgan (SWAC) -

Florida A&M University - CB

4. Marcus Riley (SWAC) -

Florida A&M University - WR

5. Sundiata Anderson (SWAC) -

Grambling State University - DT

6. Anim Dankwah (MEAC) -

Howard University - OT

7. Davius Richard (MEAC) -

North Carolina Central University - QB

8. Torricelli Simpkins III (MEAC) -

North Carolina Central University - OL

These remarkable players, hailing from HBCUs across the nation, bring a diverse set of skills and strengths to the field. As the Senior Bowl Staff emphasizes, their senior tape will be a crucial factor in determining their draft prospects, making this year's college football season one of utmost importance for these aspiring NFL stars.

As the Senior Bowl Staff continues to refine their evaluation process and engage with players from all corners of the college football landscape, the spotlight on HBCU talent only grows brighter. With history as a testament to their capabilities, this year's Reese’s Senior Bowl Watchlist signals a promising future for these eight exceptional players, and the broader HBCU community as a whole.


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