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Hits and Misses: The fight before the war.

A welterweight war at Wintrust Arena headlines Bellator 301. Photos by Lucas Noonan

All fights for the main card of Bellator 301 are official, as each fighter successfully made weight. This would seem to be a fairly routine activity. However, it was not without drama. Some fighters needed to disrobe, others needing a second weigh in attempt. Unfortunately not all won the battle with the scale.

First to the scale were the main event participants; Champion Yaroslav Amosov and Challenger Jason Jackson. Champion and challenger tipped the scale at a ready 169.6lbs.

The Lightweight Grand Prix Semifinal between Patricky Pitbull and Alexander Shabliy had a different rule set than most non-title fights. Because the title can be on the line for any Grand Prix bout fighters must make championship weight. Shabliy stepped on the scale at 155lb while Pitbull was comfortably under at 154.4lb.

A number of fighters had to use a towel to make weight. This included both Bantamweight Title contestants Sergio Pettis and Patchy Mix. Mix was unsuccessful in his first attempt as he was 0.2 over after disrobing. He went back cut more weight and made the 135lb limit exclaiming to the press, “I don’t miss weight twice!”

Others who needed the towel were, AJ McKee, Timur Khrizriev, Killys Mota, and Sidney Outlaw. “Da Gun” had fun with the commission asking if he could do the “DC?” He was referring to leaning on the towel to make weight as the champ did for his bout with Anthony “Rumble” Johnson when Jon Jones was pulled due to failing a drug test. Mr. Johnson passed in 2022 on November 13th at the age of 38.

Islam Mamedov and Keri Melendez both looked drawn out as they approached the scale. Islam originally missed by 0.6 after stripping down he needed to lose 0.4 to make the fight official. Since this is a contracted catch weight fight of 160lbs there’s no allowances. You either come in at or under the limit. On his second attempt, fully clothed, Mamedov had room to spare stepping on the scale at 159.4 lbs.

Keri Melendez battle was more intense coming in at 127.2 on her first attempt. She wanted to disrobe but her husband and trainer, former Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez called her back to discuss strategies instead. They decided take the allotted time to attempt to make weight. She was able to lose more weight but even with disrobing she was still unable to meet the one-pound allowance weighing 126.6. Now the question is how the attempt to make weight impacts her performance on Friday night.


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