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Impact of Recent Violence at Morgan State and Bowie State University on HBCU Homecomings

Bowie State welcomed Ms. Morgan State to their homecoming festivities, due to Morgan State’s Homecoming being canceled. Photo Credit: Morgan State X
Bowie State welcomed Ms. Morgan State to their homecoming festivities, due to Morgan State’s Homecoming being canceled. Photo Credit: Morgan State X

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have long been celebrated for their vibrant traditions, strong sense of community, and, of course, the unforgettable homecoming events that bring alumni and current students together in joyous celebration. However, recent incidents of violence at Bowie State University, in particular, have cast a shadow over these cherished gatherings and are leaving a lasting impact on HBCUs across the nation. This article delves into the recent violence at Bowie State and its implications for HBCU homecomings.

The Incidents

The violence began earlier in the week when Morgan State University was forced to cancel its homecoming game due to a tragic incident of gun violence during the pre-homecoming celebration. This was a somber start to what should have been a week filled with excitement and nostalgia.

Bowie State University, understanding the disappointment Morgan State students must have felt, extended an invitation for them to join in their own homecoming celebrations. It was an attempt to foster unity and support within the HBCU community.

However, the spirit of unity was shattered when Bowie State University experienced its own violent incident. At approximately 11:45 PM during their homecoming celebration, Bowie State University Police received reports of shots fired near the Center for Business and Graduate Studies. Two individuals were injured and taken to the hospital. The incident left the Bowie State community shocked and saddened, prompting a statement from the university president expressing deep concern for the safety of their students and a commitment to ensuring their well-being.

The Impact on HBCUs

The violence at both Morgan State and Bowie State, two respected HBCUs, highlights a disturbing trend that threatens the sanctity of these cherished institutions. HBCUs are places where students should feel safe, nurtured, and inspired to excel academically and socially. However, the intrusion of gun violence into the homecoming celebrations raises serious concerns about the security and well-being of students, alumni, and faculty.

Homecoming events at HBCUs hold immense cultural significance. They are a time for alumni to reconnect with their alma maters, for current students to forge lasting memories, and for the broader HBCU community to come together in unity and celebration. Incidents like these not only disrupt these cherished traditions but also cast a negative spotlight on the entire HBCU community.

Moving Forward

In the wake of these unfortunate events, HBCUs must come together to address the issue of violence during homecoming celebrations. It is imperative that university administrations, campus police, and local law enforcement agencies work collaboratively to ensure the safety and security of all participants.

Additionally, fostering a culture of unity and community within HBCUs is essential. Events that bring different HBCUs together, such as Bowie State's invitation to Morgan State, should be encouraged and expanded. These occasions serve as opportunities to reinforce the bonds that unite the HBCU family.

The recent incidents of violence at Bowie State and Morgan State University's homecoming celebrations have sent shockwaves through the HBCU community. These events serve as a sobering reminder that the safety of students, alumni, and faculty must remain a top priority. HBCUs across the nation should use these unfortunate incidents as a catalyst for change, striving to create a safer and more united environment for all who call these institutions home. In the face of adversity, HBCUs have always shown resilience, and it is this spirit that will guide them towards a brighter and safer future for all.


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