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He ain't SWAC; I'm SWAC...the Robinson/Prime Beef

Alabama State head coach Eddie Robinson, Jr. pushed coach Deion Sanders after the Hornets' 26-12 loss to the Tigers.

Over the years, there have been many famous (or infamous) midfield dust-ups between coaches. Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh exchanged heated words when Stanford destroyed USC 55-21 in 2009. This year, Greg Schiano and Ryan Day exchanged words in Ohio State's 49-10 defeat of Rutgers.

Heated exchanges between head coaches or one coach brushing another off after a game are nothing new. After Alabama State lost to Jackson State 26-12, Hornets head coach Eddie Robinson, Jr. pushed Sanders aside with no desire to shake hands with him.

Was coach Robinson upset that Jackson State threw the football when the game was already decided? If that's the case, coach Robinson is a poor sport. Coaches run up the score in college football all of the time.

After the game, coach Robinson explained his actions saying that he felt that Sanders was disrespectful all week with his comments leading up to the game and during the pregame warmups.

Coach Robinson said, "We didn't talk in the pregame. I was standing on the fifty yard-line the whole time." One of the more telling comments he made was, "He ain't SWAC; I'm SWAC." Coach Robinson was an All-SWAC linebacker for Alabama State and was SWAC Defensive Player of the Year in 1991. After an 11-year NFL career, he began a real estate company and commentated SWAC games for ESPN and Comcast Sports.

Alabama State hired coach Robinson in 2021. Does that make him SWAC? A man with no ties to HBCU football except for partying at Florida A&M during his playing days at Florida State has done more for black college football in two years than others have done in decades.

If coach Robinson felt so disrespected, maybe the Hornets could have done better than 12 points and 138 yards of total offense for Homecoming.


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