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It's Gotta Be the Shoes

Ceremonial Weigh-ins are there for press to get pictures and to build anticipation for the fight. Mission complete! There was a full house for Bellator 301 Weigh-in ceremony and you can feel the excitement for the event in the air.

There were four fighters who were ready to go. Sometimes missing weight can lead to bad feelings between combatants. If they had beef before they hit the scales is unclear. Sabriye Sungul and Keri Melendez definitely had ill will toward each other in their face off adding a layer of intrigue to this preliminary bout.

The animosity between Stots and Sabatello is well documented. Generally, Sabatello is a cool character but it seems as if Stots has gotten under his skin. He always shows hostility toward his opponents pre-fight then usually shakes hands after. Stots shunned him after their first fight and Danny has been hostile ever since.

When you know you are going to be front and center, it’s important to represent yourself well. That starts with your attire. We know the athletes have squabbles but a number of them have shoe game as well. Check out the kicks of Bellator 301.

Pieter “The Arch Angel” Buist


Jason Jackson

Sidney Outlaw & Burt Watson

AJ McKee

Shoestrings and tag matching the boxers, now that's coordination.

Alexander Shabliy

Jordan name on the back matches the shoes.


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