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Jackson State fans pour out LOVE for Coach Deion Sanders after his stunning week one upset of TCU

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Jackson State Fans are some of the best fans in the SWAC. Photo credit: @gojsutigersfb IG
Jackson State Fans are some of the best fans in the SWAC. Photo credit: @gojsutigersfb IG

Coach Deion Sanders, affectionately known as "Coach Prime," left an indelible mark on Jackson State University, and the love from the Tiger faithful for their former leader still burns bright. When Sanders arrived in Jackson, Mississippi, he came with a promise to transform the football program, and even though skepticism loomed, Thee Jackson State Faithful... believed.

The transformation was swift and profound. Coach Prime orchestrated roster changes that brought some of the nation's most talented athletes to Jackson State. Under his guidance, the Tigers sparkled like they hadn't since the days of Walter Payton, capturing national attention. Big networks, corporations, and major media outlets descended upon Jackson, placing the university firmly in the spotlight.

Two undefeated seasons in the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) demonstrated Sanders' commitment to excellence. He also secured commitments from top prospects, including the nation's number one cornerback, showcasing his recruiting prowess. Jackson State's historic moment arrived when ESPN GameDay set up shop on campus, a first for the university.

Prior to his arrival only Head Coaches W.C. Gorden and James Carson had such success at the helm. They both led Jackson State to undefeated SWAC seasons, with Gorden doing it three years in a row, 1986-88 and Carson pulling it off in 1995. Coach Prime would have been the first to lead them to a undefeated season, but the announcement of his departure caused significant members of his team to not show up for the final game. According to former Jackson State Defensive Player of the Year Aubrey Miller, a lot of guys were missing for their game against North Carolina Central. Amid Coach Prime's meteoric rise, Coach Prime's departure to Colorado sparked controversy within the HBCU community. Some labeled him a traitor and accused him of using HBCUs for personal gain. However, most Jackson State fans took a different path. They chose love.

The outpouring of support on the Jackson State Facebook page is a testament to this love. Messages like "Congratulations Coach Prime" and "We love you" abound. The fans recognize the impact he had, and instead of bitterness, they offer genuine appreciation.

Shedeur Sanders, Coach Prime's son and a former Jackson State player, shared his heartfelt sentiments. He praised the city of Jackson for its warmth and kindness, countering negative stereotypes. The love he witnessed during his time at the university left an enduring impression.

Jackson State fans continue to shower their former coach with unwavering affection. It's a rare and authentic love that transcends the typical fan-coach relationship. Coach Deion Sanders may have left Jackson State, but the love from the Tiger faithful endures, a testament to the remarkable journey he led the university on during his tenure.


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