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Jason Jackson dethrones Yaroslav Amosov, becomes new Bellator Welterweight champion.

New Champ with his Natural and Gym Family. Photo: Lucas Noonan

In a stunning upset, Jason Jackson defeated Yaroslav Amosov by unanimous decision to claim the Bellator Welterweight title and hand Amosov his first career loss. Jackson mixed the martial arts, displaying high level striking while also showed his wrestling skills. Jason was able to defending all 13 of Amosov's takedown attempts according to Big John McCarthy.

Jackson in his home countries flag. Photo: Lucas Noonan

Jackson, who was born in Jamaica and moved to the US at the age of 12, said he fought for his family and his legacy. He remeniced of his late teammate Anthony "Rumble" Johnson in the post fight press conference. "Rumble" passed away on November 13, 2022; a year and four days before Jackson's title fight. Johnson was known for his knockout power, and Jackson said he thought of him when he landed a heavy uppercut that impacted the course of the fight.

Amasov in the colors of Ukraine. Photo: Lucas Noonan

Jackson also credited his older brother, who served as a father figure and taught him the value of hard work. Jackson said his brother introduced him to the tree business, which helped him develop his work ethic. Jackson said he fights for the love of the sport, not the money, and that he finds every way possible to make money outside the cage. He said winning the title means he can do more to uplift his family and inspire other Jamaicans who struggle with poverty.

Jackson mixing up the strikes with head kick. Photo: Lucas Noonan

Jackson, who trains at Kill Cliff FC, said he was proud to bring the title back to his gym. He also said this is not the last time we will call him “champion.” Jason said he was not afraid of any challenger, and that he was ready for whatever Bellator had in store for him. He said he worked out every day to cut weight, he did not drain himself in the sauna. Jackson said his body was in better shape because of this. Once the official weigh-ins where completed he flipped a switch, and that he did not want anything to kill his hunger to win.

Finishing sequence. Photo: Lucas Noonan

Jason, who improved his record to 17-4, said he was grateful for the opportunity to fight for the title, and that he was happy to make history. He said he was not surprised by his performance, and that he knew he had what it takes to beat Amosov, who fell to 27-1. He was confident in his skills and his game plan, and that he executed it perfectly. He was not intimidated by Amosov's undefeated record, Jason was ready to face him, or anyone in the division.

Bushido spirit displayed between champions. Photo: Lucas Noonan

Jackson said he was motivated by his family, and his team, his goal was to represent them well and be accomplished that by besting the champ.  He said regarding the future of Bellator, “If this is it, Bellator saved the best for last.”


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