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Kyle Pitts Shows up big for the Falcons in win against Texans

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Kyle Pitts showed up big for the Falcons today. Photo Credit:Kyle Pitts IG
Kyle Pitts showed up big for the Falcons today. Photo Credit:Kyle Pitts IG

As the Atlanta Falcons secured a convincing win over the Houston Texans, fans of the Dirty Birds have reason to celebrate. This impressive victory not only showcased the talents of key players but also has the potential to significantly impact the Falcons' momentum as they navigate the NFL season.

The Rise of Kyle Pitts?

One of the most exciting aspects of the Falcons' win was the standout performance of their previously underperforming tight end, Kyle Pitts. Falcons fans have been eagerly awaiting the moment when Pitts would truly shine, and he did not disappoint today. With 7 receptions for 87 yards and a touchdown, Pitts demonstrated why he was a highly touted draft pick. His synergy with fellow receiver Drake London was particularly noteworthy, with a combined 13 catches for 165 yards and crucial contributions on the final drive of the game. The Texans defense was tied with the Packers, ranking 18th in production given up to the Tight End. However they were not able to slow down Pitts when it really mattered today.

Desmond Ridder's Clutch Performance

Quarterback Desmond Ridder had a day to remember, throwing for 329 yards and 1 touchdown. However, what made Ridder's performance truly remarkable was his ability to lead the Falcons to victory with a game-winning drive. This display of competitive maturity and poise in the face of adversity is precisely what the Falcons need from Ridder as they move forward in the season.

The Backup Quarterback Question

Despite Ridder's strong performance, there were murmurs among Falcons fans about the backup quarterback, Taylor Heinicke, particularly after Ridder's somewhat shaky start to the season. However, Ridder's recent showing should reassure fans and instill confidence that he can lead the team effectively.

Dominant Falcons Defense

The Falcons' defense also played a pivotal role in the victory, allowing only one touchdown, forcing six three-and-outs, and maintaining a formidable 30.7% conversion rate on third downs. Their ability to stifle the Texans' offense and limit rushing yards to just 2.8 per carry showcased a well-rounded and effective defensive unit. Notably, the Falcons' defense has allowed only two touchdowns in the last two games, underlining their growing consistency.

The Return of Matt Ryan

Intriguingly, the Falcons' win coincided with the presence of their franchise's greatest player, Matt Ryan, who paid a visit during the week. Seeing Ryan at Flowery Branch and knowing he'll return to Mercedes-Benz Stadium soon might have provided an extra dose of motivation for the team and fans alike.

Mercedes Benz Stadium was packed for Sunday’s matchup against the Houston Texans. Photo Credit: latoyakmoore IG
Mercedes Benz Stadium was packed for Sunday’s matchup against the Houston Texans. Photo Credit: latoyakmoore IG

Looking Ahead

With this victory, the Falcons find themselves at a promising 3-2 record on the season. They are tied with the New Orleans Saints for second place in the division, trailing the Baker Mayfield-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Importantly, the Falcons are undefeated at home, a trend they aim to continue in their upcoming matchup against the Washington Commanders.

In conclusion, the Falcons' win over the Texans is not just a standalone success but a potential turning point in their season. The standout performances of key players, the resilience of their quarterback, and the strength of their defense have ignited a spark of momentum that the Falcons will look to carry forward as they strive for success in the NFL.


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