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Legendary - Buffaloes Triumph in Double Overtime Thriller: Shedeur Sanders Shines in “Brady Mode”

Published on September 16, 2023

Another Legendary Performance for Heisman Front Runner, Shedeur Sanders. Photo Credit: Sheduer Sanders IG
Another Legendary Performance for Heisman Front Runner, Shedeur Sanders. Photo Credit: Sheduer Sanders IG

In the wee hours of the morning on the East Coast, while most of the country should be fast asleep, the nation found itself wide awake and captivated by a football spectacle. Its a phenomenon known as The Prime Effect, and it brought newfound excitement to a longstanding rivalry – Colorado vs. Colorado State. Thanks to the charisma of Coach Prime, Lil Wayne, Offset, The Rock, and even Dwayne Wade were tuned in, and the entire nation couldn't help but join in on the excitement.

The Prime Effect had already worked its magic at Jackson State, where Coach Prime had celebrities like Snoop Dog and Rick Ross flocking to Tigers games. College Football Gameday made appearances, ABC cameras focused on Florida A&M, and Major Coverage couldn't resist highlighting Coach Prime. The question was whether this phenomenon would follow him to Colorado, and the answer was a resounding yes, with the Buffaloes' star power shining as bright as ever.

Leading the charge for the Buffaloes was none other than Shedeur Sanders, the Heisman Trophy front-runner, and Travis Hunter, another exciting talent. With the game hanging in the balance and the Buffaloes trailing by 8 late in the fourth quarter, Shedeur Sanders showcased his Heisman-caliber talent. He orchestrated a remarkable 98-yard drive, capping it off with a touchdown and a game-tying two-point conversion.

It was another Heisman-worthy moment in an already impressive season for Sanders. As the game ventured into overtime, Shedeur displayed his mastery once again. He threw two touchdowns to his trusty tight end, Michael Harrison, affectionately known as "Mickey."

After the thrilling victory, Shedeur humbly acknowledged that they had made mistakes along the way but kept their focus on the ultimate prize. He likened his mindset during that game-tying drive to "Brady Mode," drawing inspiration from conversations with none other than Tom Brady himself, who he talks to after every game.

"The win made me focus more," Shedeur said, highlighting the importance of maintaining a strong commitment to excellence for the rest of the season.

Coach Prime, always the mentor, emphasized the value of resilience. "To be great, you're going to have to be resilient," he declared. When asked what he had learned from this game, Coach Prime simply responded with "Patience."

In a game that will be remembered for its drama, the Buffaloes emerged victorious over Colorado State with a final score of 43-35, maintaining their perfect 3-0 record for the season.

Another thing that will be remembered was the emergence of Coach Prime's son Shilo Sanders. He had his first pick six of the season. He followed that up with a big hit late in the game to cause a fumble. Some thought if any of the Louie would be left in Jackson, Mississippi, it would be Shilo. The Jackson State Band embraced him so much they made him an honorary member of the band. He showed the Jackson State Band some love after his pick six.

Shilo Sanders showed up big in the game against Colorado State. Photo Credit: Shilo Sanders IG
Shilo Sanders showed up big in the game against Colorado State. Photo Credit: Shilo Sanders IG

On the opposing side, Colorado State's Brayden Fowler-Nicolosi had a notable performance, passing for 367 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions. Shedeur Sanders, while throwing his first interception of the season, shone brightly with 4 touchdowns and 348 yards on 34 completions out of 47 attempts.

While no wide receivers for the Buffaloes reached the 100-yard mark, Xavier Weaver had another standout day, contributing 9 receptions for 98 yards and a touchdown.

For Colorado State, Tory Horton's impressive outing included 16 catches for 133 yards and a touchdown. However, the joy of the victory was marred by concern for Travis Hunter, who was taken to the hospital. The Buffaloes are anxiously awaiting news on his condition, hoping for a swift recovery for their star player.

The nation may have been sleep-deprived, but the thrilling double-overtime showdown between the Buffaloes and Colorado State was worth every minute. With Shedeur Sanders leading the charge, the Buffaloes are riding high and looking ahead to a promising season.


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