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Mock Draft 3.0 has a TWIST - My Mock Draft with ChatGPT: A Digital-Human Collaboration

In an innovative approach to the traditional mock draft, I teamed up with ChatGPT, an AI developed by OpenAI, to navigate the intricacies of the 2024 NFL Draft. With the excitement of draft day palpable, we set out on a unique challenge: I would select for all the even-numbered teams, while ChatGPT would handle the odds.

The foundation of our draft was laid with the official order of selection and a list of the Top 50 players rated by Pro Football Focus (PFF). As the draft unfolded, I fed ChatGPT the names incrementally, ensuring that each pick reflected real-time decision-making akin to a true draft room environment.

Despite the complexities of managing a mock draft with an AI, we encountered a few hurdles along the way, namely, double selections. However, much like in a real draft, we promptly corrected these oversights, ensuring each team got the right fit. We didn't do any trades in this mock, there is a possibility we will add those in Mock 4.0.

Below is the rundown of our first-round selections, complete with justifications for each choice:

1. Chicago Bears (from CAR) - Caleb Williams, QB: The Bears seize a generational talent at quarterback, a player with the charisma and skill set to revitalize a franchise.

2. Washington Commanders - Drake Maye, QB: With a dire need under center, the Commanders couldn't pass up the opportunity to secure a leader with Maye's upside.

3. New England Patriots - Marvin Harrison Jr., WR: Adding a weapon of Harrison's caliber gives the Patriots a game-changer at the wide receiver position.

4. Arizona Cardinals - Malik Nabers, WR: Nabers' electric playmaking ability promises to invigorate the Cardinals' offensive playbook.

5. Los Angeles Chargers - Joe Alt, T: Protecting the quarterback is paramount, and Alt's addition fortifies the Chargers' offensive line.

6. New York Giants - Rome Odunze, WR: The Giants grab Odunze to give their quarterback a new high-ceiling target on the outside.

7. Tennessee Titans - Byron Murphy II, DI: Murphy brings a disruptive force to the Titans' interior defensive line, bolstering their run and pass defense.

8. Atlanta Falcons - Jared Verse, EDGE: Atlanta secures a dynamic edge presence in Verse, aimed at elevating their pass rush.

9. Chicago Bears - Taliese Fuaga, T: The Bears double down on their investment in the offense, protecting their new quarterback with Fuaga's formidable blocking.

10. New York Jets - Jayden Daniels, QB: Seeking a spark, the Jets select Daniels, a quarterback with a high floor and the athleticism to challenge defenses.

11. Minnesota Vikings - Kool-Aid McKinstry, CB: McKinstry's intelligence and versatility make him the perfect fit for the Vikings' evolving secondary.

12. Denver Broncos - J.J. McCarthy, QB: McCarthy's arm talent and poise make him an intriguing prospect to develop for the Broncos' future.

13. Las Vegas Raiders - Troy Fautanu, T: Fautanu's athleticism and flexibility across the line aim to revitalize the Raiders' trench warfare.

14. New Orleans Saints - Brock Bowers, TE: Bowers' unmatched athleticism at tight end provides the Saints with a multidimensional offensive weapon.

15. Indianapolis Colts - Jer'Zhan Newton, DI: Newton's sheer power and versatility fortify the Colts' defensive front.

16. Seattle Seahawks - Dallas Turner, EDGE: Turner offers the Seahawks a high-upside pass rusher to rejuvenate their defense.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Chris Braswell, EDGE: The Jaguars add a powerful edge defender in Braswell to enhance their defensive scheme.

18. Cincinnati Bengals - JC Latham, T: Latham's commanding presence on the offensive line aims to cement the Bengals' front.

19. Los Angeles Rams - Adonai Mitchell, WR: Mitchell's playmaking prowess injects immediate depth into the Rams' receiving group.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers - Brian Thomas, WR: Thomas brings a blend of size and athleticism, offering the Steelers a potent deep threat.

21. Miami Dolphins - Jordan Morgan, T: With Morgan's selection, the Dolphins prioritize protecting their quarterback's blindside.

22. Philadelphia Eagles - Quiyon Mitchell, CB: Mitchell's impressive coverage skills promise to shore up the Eagles' pass defense.

23. Minnesota Vikings (from CLE through HOU) - Kingsley Suamataia, T: Suamataia's raw talent and potential give the Vikings an edge in developing a solid offensive line.

24. Dallas Cowboys - Jackson Powers-Johnson, C: Powers-Johnson's versatility and strength at center set a new tone for the Cowboys' interior line.

25. Green Bay Packers - Adisa Isaac, EDGE: Isaac's pass-rush ability adds a new dimension to the Packers' defensive arsenal.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Xavier Worthy, WR: Worthy's explosive speed and route-running acumen provide the Buccaneers with a future star receiver.

27. Arizona Cardinals (from HOU) - Javon Bullard, S: Bullard's fearlessness and versatility in the secondary aim to bolster the Cardinals' defensive backfield.

28. Buffalo Bills - Nate Wiggins, CB: The Bills add a high-potential cornerback in Wiggins, enhancing their coverage schemes.

29. Detroit Lions - Kamari Lassiter, CB: Lassiter's competitive nature and skill set offer the Lions an immediate contributor in their secondary.

30. Baltimore Ravens - Laiatu Latu, EDGE: Latu brings a unique combination of size and skill to the Ravens' edge-rushing group.

31. San Francisco 49ers - Ricky Pearsall, WR: Pearsall's quickness and reliable hands add another layer to the 49ers' rich receiving core.

32. Kansas City Chiefs - Troy Franklin, WR: Franklin's smooth route-running and steady hands make him a valuable addition to the Chiefs' offensive attack.

Our mock draft was a meticulous process of analysis, reflection, and sometimes quick corrections, culminating in a comprehensive first-round prediction that blends ChatGPT's data-driven insights with my football expertise. Each pick was thoughtfully considered to address team needs, capitalize on talent, and anticipate the future of these franchises. As teams prepare to make their selections, our digital-human partnership serves as a testament to the evolving landscape of sports analytics and strategy.

Give me your thoughts on this MOCK and how you feel ChatGTP did with its selections.


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