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Monday’s a Fun Day to Talk about Saturday and Sunday - Three Stories That Caught My Eye (Commentary)

The birds were in the backfield a lot more than the Saints yesterday and Pickett carved them up (the Saints, not the birds, lol) for 250 total yards and TD in their 20-10 win. The Saints are not mathematically out of the playoffs but this marks the lowest point in their season and it screams it’s time to focus on next year … but wait … they don’t have a first round draft picks. So there are terrible times ahead for the Saints. On a more depressing note they passed on Kenny Pickett twice in the draft, once at 11 and then again at 19. Pickett looks like every bit of the good QB prospect the Saints wish they had in the building. Instead they are stuck with the Red Riddle and an angry Jameis Winston, who just gave a candid interview to about the way the Saints organization has mishandled his injuries. The Saints are falling apart: No Sean, No Brees, No Defense, No First Round Pick, and No Money. There is hope though, and really the only hope there is… Trade Sean Payton for a early first round draft pick. That’s there only hope and they should do it as soon as they can this off-season.

The North Carolina Central Eagles are headed to the Celebration Bowl! They will be headed to Atlanta to play the winner of the SWAC championship. Most experts believe that will be Coach Deion Sanders and Jackson State… Plot Twist - Shedeur Sanders got hurt in Jackson State’s last game against Alabama A&M.

SWAC Media should get an update on Shedeur status today around 1pm EST. If he has a significant injury that won’t allow him to play in the SWAC championship, Coach Bubba McDowell, who is close to wrapping up the SWAC West, could stun the world in Jackson, Mississippi. Either way, whichever SWAC team makes their way to the Celebration Bowl, they will have their hands full against NCCU.

Floyd Mayweather took a trip down to Dubai to fight YouTube sensation Deji Olatunji. Floyd earned a TKO victory over Deji, but paid “the beauty tax” as the YouTube gave the best boxer in the world a black eye. This seems very similar to seeing Superman bleed or seeing Black Adam’s response to pain. It’s the moment you realize that the superhero has a weakness. For the undefeated star that weakness is age, and at 45 years of age, even in these exhibition matches against amateurs you can see “non-peak” Floyd moments. However, fans should fully expect to see Money Mayweather continue to box social media stars. Mr. Mayweather has found a remarkable loophole in the matrix. The public wants to see their favorite YouTube stars box and they’ll pay to see it. These stars have little to no boxing experience and they want the views. Floyd is simply a master boxer giving live lessons to amateur boxers for a remarkable hourly rate.


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