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MTMV Sports 2023 NFL Mock Draft Picks 1-10, Los Angeles Chargers get Aggressive, shake up the Top 10

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

The NFL draft is less than 50 days away, and the NFL Combine provided some very clear insight on the top players. The Panthers shook up the top of the draft earlier this week with a move to number 1, after their trade with the Chicago Bears. Some say that the Panthers gave up a ton, but if they are able to get their guy, Panthers fans will consider it a clear victory after hoping that Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield could bring them back to their Jake Delhomme and Cam Newton led glory days. This mock is our first, but definitely not our last stab at predicting how the first round of this year’s draft will play out.

1.Panthers - C.J. Stroud QB - The Panthers trade up and get their guy with the number 1 overall pick. After his performance at the combine and against Georgia in the playoffs, Stroud is clearly an elite QB with surprising athleticism. Frank Reich is excited to groom Stroud in a division ripe for the picking. There are rumors that the Panthers are thinking about trading down, because of their love for Richardson, but the Ohio State product presents a perfect blend of athleticism and polish.

2. Texans - Bryce Young QB - Bryce showed up to the combine weighing over 200lbs and addressed all weight questions. He may not play at that weight during the season but he answered the ONE major question scouts had on their mind. Outside of his size, Young is viewed by many as the TOP QB prospect in this year’s class. The Alabama prospect is rumored to have capture the hearts of the Texans officials, so if the Panthers select Stroud the Texans will most likely run to the podium to select the former Heisman winner.

3. Cardinals- Will Anderson, Jr. ED - with the amount of QB hungry teams in this draft the Cardinals were tempted to take calls from the Raiders, Falcons, and Commanders all trying to move up to pick 3, but they stay pat and get their guy. The edge rusher from Alabama is clearly one of the best defenders in this draft. He should provide the pressure Arizona hoped to get from J.J. Watt last season.

4. Colts - Will Levis QB - The Colts were nervous that they would get leap frogged again for their QB, but thankfully the Cardinals held true and the Colts are able to grab their guy. Levis is not as can’t miss as the last QB the Colts grabbed this high, but he has all the physical tools needed to groom him into a franchise changer.

5. Seahawks - Anthony Richardson QB - the Seahawks just secured the QB they need for “now” by signing Geno Smith to a new contract. In his presser after signing his new contract Geno Smith said if the Seahawks drafted a quarterback it would not concern him, and he is ready to welcome and groom the next guy. The Seahawks secure the quarterback of the future in the ultra-athletic Richardson, whose record-setting 4.4 40-yard dash and cannon arm was just too much to pass up for the Seahawks. They are only drafting this high because of their Russell Wilson trade, and they hope not to be drafting this high any time soon.

6. Lions - Jalen Carter DT - Carter’s legal trouble isn’t the only reason he’s available here at pick #6 for the Lions. There are simply too many quarterback-needy teams at the top of the draft. The Lions also don’t have a true need on the edge after drafting James “The Problem” Houston (Jackson State) and Hutchinson (Michigan). Both rookies had stellar years. The Lion create one of the scariest defensive lines in the NFC by adding Carter.

7. Chargers (via trade with Raiders) - Devon Witherspoon CB - the Chargers make an aggressive move to come up and get the cornerback they covet to pair with playmaking CB Asante Samuel, Jr. After the Raiders miss out on their QB, they decide to acquire more picks, The Chargers are in a division with Sean Payton’s Broncos and the defending Super Champion Chiefs, so they do the smart thing and add a playmaker to their defense. Quarterbacks had a 25.3 passer rating against Witherspoon. His draft stock is trending up and he could be the first corner off the board this April.

8. Falcons - Tyree Wilson ED - the Falcons tried desperately to get ahead of the Colts and Seahawks to select one of the four top quarterbacks in the draft. Failing to get land a top quarterback the Falcons land one of the best pass rushers in the draft in Tyree Wilson. Wilson hurried the quarterback 32 times last season and made major impact at Texas Tech. The last true threat for the Falcons from the edge is currently playing in the XFL. Y’all remember NFL sack leader Vic Beasley? He was the last feared Falcons pass rusher. The Falcons hope to change that with the selection of Wilson.

9. Bears - Jaxon Smith-Njigba WR - the Bears made a major move to acquire a #1 WR for Justin Fields in WR DJ Moore. However, the Bears can’t ignore the success of pairs like Burrow and Chase or Tua and Waddle. Old teammates play well together. Smith-Njigba recently said he would love to reconnect with his old teammates in the NFL. He gets his wish as the Bears continue to copy the Eagles and give Fields all the weapons he needs to be successful.

10. Eagles - Christian Gonzales CB - The Eagles are too rich to be drafting this high, but the Saints delusional view of themselves last year has the Eagles drafting in the top 10. With the pick the Eagles are primed to take a player with the skill set to replace 32 year old Darius Slay, who has just been given permission to seek at trade doesn’t want to leave the team, but is most likely on his way out. The Eagles may also lose James Bradberry and C.J. Gardner-Johnson. They replace them with one of the most athletic and talented cover corners in the draft. His 4.38-second 40-yard dash doesn’t hurt their ability to sell this youth movement to fans, especially after watching Bradberry struggle to stick with Chiefs WR JuJu Smith-Schuster.


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