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MTMV Sports Network NFL Mock Draft 2.0 - Post Super Bowl Draft Projections

Who gets the best Tight End in the Draft?!? Photo Credit: @BrockBowers IG
Who gets the best Tight End in the Draft?!? Photo Credit: @BrockBowers IG


As the NFL offseason progresses, the focus intensifies on the upcoming draft, and the anticipation of which future stars will don the jerseys of various teams grows exponentially. One of the intriguing aspects leading up to the draft is the creation of mock drafts, such as the MTMV Sports Network NFL Mock Draft 2.0. But what exactly is a mock draft, and why is it so integral to the pre-draft process? Let's explore the concept and then delve into the selections made in this speculative exercise.

Understanding Mock Drafts:

Mock drafts are simulations where analysts, enthusiasts, and even teams project the selections that might unfold in the actual NFL draft. It serves as a strategic exercise for teams to explore different scenarios, assess potential talent, and plan their picks. For fans and analysts, mock drafts spark discussions, generate excitement, and provide a glimpse into team needs and preferences. In this MTMV Sports Network Mock Draft 2.0, we witness an array of selections emphasizing quarterbacks, wide receivers, and tackles, reflecting the league's emphasis on these critical positions.

Diving into the MTMV Sports Network NFL Mock Draft 2.0:

1. Chicago Bears - Caleb Williams, QB, USC:

Value Added: Williams' dynamic playmaking ability and strong arm make him an ideal choice to lead the Bears' offense. He brings excitement, versatility, and the potential to redefine the Bears' quarterback position. Justin Fields would instantly become the hottest quarterback on the trade market if the Bears make this move, but it is not unprecedented if the Bears selected Williams , while also keeping Fields. The Chargers drafted Phillip Rivers while they had Drew Brees on the roster. The Packers famously drafted Jordan Love with Aaron Rodgers still on the roster and the Chiefs drafted Mahomes with Alex Smith still one the roster. There is a world where the Bears keep both Williams and Fields. They could play Fields next year while allowing Williams to develop.

2. Washington Football Team - Jayden Daniels, QB, LSU:

Value Added: Daniels' dual-threat capabilities and accuracy offer Washington a promising prospect for the quarterback position. He brings a new dimension to the team's offensive strategy. Kliff Kingsbury once had great success with a mobile QB in Arizona, Daniels could be a treat to Kliff as he is blessed with similar dangerous mobility traits like Kyler Murray .

3. New England Patriots - Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Ohio State:

Value Added: Adding Harrison Jr. to the Patriots' receiving corps brings a combination of route-running precision and big-play potential. His presence provides a valuable weapon for the Patriots' passing game. Last year there was not one single threat on the Patriots offense that scared defenses. Also, though there is a serious need for a quarterback here, there are rumors that Drake Maye's tape last season could cause a bit of a fall, and after years of watching his father tear up the league Robert Kraft doesn't pass up the chance to get a younger version with more Monster Athletic traits.

4. Arizona Cardinals - Malik Nabers, WR, LSU:

Value Added: Nabers' speed and playmaking ability complement Kyler Murray's quarterbacking, enhancing the Cardinals' aerial attack. He brings a dynamic element to Arizona's receiving options. The Cardinals are in a position to grab an elite playmaker and they get one here in LSU WR Malik Nabers. Select players from LSU has always been good for the Cardinals and they get another STAR athlete from "The Boot".

5. Los Angeles Chargers - Brock Bowers, TE, Georgia:

Value Added: Bowers' athleticism and reliable hands provide Justin Herbert with an additional weapon in the passing game. His versatility adds a new dimension to the Chargers' offensive strategy. The last time Harbaugh had tremendous success in the NFL, he had one of the most athletic tight ends in the league, Vernon Davis (who ran a 4.38 in the 40-yard dash at the combine). This year he is in position to grab another Uber-Athletic tight end and he doesn't hesitate to pull the trigger on Bowers.

6. New York Giants - Joe Alt, OT, Notre Dame:

Value Added: Alt's size, technique, and agility make him a valuable asset for the Giants' offensive line. He contributes to protecting Daniel Jones and strengthening the Giants' rushing attack. By October the Giants offensive line had allowed a league high 30 sacks, they ended the year giving 20 more sacks than the next highest team, ending the year with 85 sacks allowed. This is almost a no-brainer.

7. Tennessee Titans - Rome Odunze, WR, University of Washington:

Value Added: Odunze's size and route-running skills offer second-year Quarterback Will Levis a dynamic receiving threat. His addition enhances the Titans' passing options and offensive versatility.

8. Atlanta Falcons - Drake Maye, QB, North Carolina:

Value Added: Maye's poise, accuracy, and decision-making align with the Falcons' offensive vision. His selection signifies a strategic move to secure the future of the quarterback position in Atlanta. Most would believe that Maye will be gone by pick 3, the Falcons love to move up and have always been very aggressive on draft day. However, in this case, they stay put and allow the 3rd best Quarterback in this draft to fall right in their laps.

9. New Orleans Saints (via trade with Bears) - Taliese Fuaga, OT, Oregon State:

Value Added: The Saints secure Fuaga, adding a promising offensive tackle to their roster. Fuaga's blocking skills contribute to protecting their quarterback and supporting their offensive schemes. The Saints LOVE grabbing talent from the Senior Bowl, and Fuaga was the absolute best Tackle prospect in Mobile. He dominated reps and swallowed defensive ends in one-on-one battles, even getting the better of "the technician" Latu. The Saints were burned in the Penning draft and had to take the best tackle left on the board, that has played out miserably for them as Penning has disappointed. The Saints saw a possible run on tackles coming and instead of allowing the board to play out, they did as they typically do in this case move up to draft their guy in Fuaga.

10. New York Jets - Olumuyima Fashanu, OT, Penn State:

Value Added: Fashanu's blocking prowess aims to protect the aging Aaron Rodgers and contribute to the success of their rushing attack. His addition fortifies the Jets' offensive line.

11. Minnesota Vikings - Jared Verse, EDGE, Florida State:

Value Added: Verse's ability to pressure quarterbacks adds a new dimension to the Vikings' defense. The Vikings thought they solved their defensive end issue last season by adding Marcus Davenport to the fray, only to find out what the Saints have known for years now, he can't stay healthy. Thought some scouts believe that Latu is a better prospect, his health issues scare some teams. The Vikings go with the safer option here and add Verse. His disruptive presence contributes to improving the Vikings' pass rush.

12. Denver Broncos - JJ McCarthy, QB, Michigan:

Value Added: McCarthy's arm talent and decision-making offer the Broncos a promising signal-caller to lead their offense. His selection signifies a strategic move to secure the future of the quarterback position in Denver. Sean Payton was never on board with the Russell Wilson train, and he showed it in every way he could last season. With his agressive nature it wouldn't surprise me if the Broncos moved up in the draft if they see any of the top three quarterbacks falling. In this case, they stay out and Sean readies himself to show the world "he still has it" when it comes to developing quarterbacks. McCarthy has all the tools needed to be a successful quarterback in the NFL under the right leadership.

13. Las Vegas Raiders - Nate Wiggins, CB, Clemson:

Value Added: Wiggins' coverage skills add depth to the Raiders' secondary. His selection addresses the Raiders' need for improved coverage in their defensive backfield. He may blow the roof of the stadium in Indy. This Wiggins kid's speed screams Raaaiiiidders and the Raiders don't waste anytime making the selection.

14. Chicago Bears (via trade with New Orleans) - Dallas Turner, EDGE, Alabama:

Value Added: Turner's ability to pressure quarterbacks enhances the Bears' defensive capabilities. His selection provides a disruptive force on the edge, contributing to the Bears' pass rush. The Bears made a move mid-season to grab Montez Sweat and immediately saw an improved pass rush. They already added their quarterback of the future now they do to the other side of the ball to solidify their defensive line. Two weapons are better than one when you're trying to stop an emerging Jordan Love.

15. Indianapolis Colts - Cooper DeJean, CB/S , Iowa:

Value Added: DeJean's versatility to play both cornerback and safety addresses multiple needs for the Colts' secondary. His selection enhances the Colts' defensive depth.

16. Seattle Seahawks - Laiatu Latu, EDGE, UCLA:

Value Added: Latu's athleticism and pass-rushing skills contribute to improving the Seahawks' pass rush. His disruptive presence adds a new dimension to Seattle's defense. The Seahawks get one of the most ready ends in the draft.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Quinyon Mitchell, DT, Toledo:

Value Added: Mitchell's size and disruptive presence bolster the Jaguars' defensive line. His selection addresses the need for interior defensive line help in Jacksonville. He was the best cornerback prospect in Mobile and it wasn't close. He showed up with the intent to solidify himself as one of the top cornerbacks in the draft and ... mission accomplished. The combine should further solidify his case.

18. Cincinnati Bengals - JC Latham, OT Alabama:

Value Added: Latham's blocking skills contribute to protecting Joe Burrow and supporting the Bengals' offensive schemes. His selection fortifies the Bengals' offensive line. The Bengals offensive line gave up the 7th most sacks last season with 50, and Joe Burrow loves to hold on to the ball. The Bengals give him a few extra seconds with the selection of Latham.

19. Los Angeles Rams - Bo Nix, QB, Oregon:

Value Added: Nix's poise and arm talent offer the Rams a promising signal-caller to develop. His selection signifies a strategic move to secure the future of the quarterback position in Los Angeles. Stafford looked great in the second half of last season as he showcased Puka Nacua and the lithany of weapons in LA. McVay begins grooming his successor in Nix.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers - Terrion Arnold, CB, Alabama:

Value Added: Arnold's coverage skills add depth to the Steelers' secondary. His selection addresses the Steelers' need for improved coverage in their defensive backfield. They started last season with Joey Porter, Jr, who had an excellent year. Now they pair him with a corner that can make it tough for Lamar Jackson in the future.

21. Miami Dolphins - Jer’Zhan Newton, DT, Illinois:

Value Added: Newton's disruptive presence contributes to the Dolphins' efforts to control the line of scrimmage. His size and agility make him a valuable asset for Miami's defensive front. Christian Wilkins is a free-agent, that will comman heavy attention on the open market, if the Dolphins don't impede him from getting to the market. It is most likely that Wilkins stays and gets paired up with Newton to form a great interior for the Dolphins.

22. Philadelphia Eagles - Kool-Aid McKinstry, CB, Alabama:

Value Added: McKinstry's coverage skills add depth to the Eagles' secondary. His selection contributes to the Eagles' ongoing efforts to improve their pass defense. With a Georgia player at the same position on the board the Eagles are tempted to grab Lassiter, but the rankings tip in favor of the Alabama prospect with the coolest name in the draft.

23. Houston Texans - Brian Thomas Jr., WR, LSU:

Value Added: Thomas Jr.'s size and catch radius provide a valuable target for the Texans' quarterback. His selection addresses the Texans' need for offensive firepower in their receiving corps.

24. Dallas Cowboys - Jackson Powers-Johnson, Center, Oregon:

Value Added: Powers-Johnson's presence contributes to the Cowboys' efforts to control the line of scrimmage. His selection addresses the Cowboys' need for interior offensive line help. Though the incumbent Tyler Biadasz played incredibly well at times (for instance against the Bills he scored a PFF grade of 79.1), his inconsistent play causes the Cowboys to seek more help on the interior of their line.

25. Green Bay Packers - Amarius Mims, OT, UGA:

Value Added: Mims' blocking skills contribute to protecting Jordan Love and supporting the Packers' offensive schemes. His selection fortifies the Packers' offensive line.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Michael Penix Jr., QB, University of Washington:

Value Added: Baker Mayfield wowed the NFL last season showing signs that he was every bit as talented as the Browns thought he was when they drafted him #1 overall. With some assurance that the team is ok for next season at quarterback, they grab Penix with the intent to give him a "redshirt" year and develop into the next leader of this team. Penix Jr.'s poise and arm talent offer the Buccaneers a promising signal-caller for the future. His selection signifies a strategic move to secure the future of the quarterback position in Tampa Bay.

27. Arizona Cardinals - Keon Coleman, WR Florida State:

Value Added: Coleman's playmaking ability adds depth to the Cardinals' receiving corps. His selection contributes to the ongoing development of the Cardinals' passing attack. Two top tier talents at WR are better than one. Paired with Nabers, the LSU/FSU combo add weapons the Cardinals haven't seen since the days of Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin.

28. Buffalo Bills - Ladd McConkey, WR (University of Georgia):

Value Added: McConkey's versatility and route-running prowess enhance the Bills' receiving options. His selection provides an additional weapon for the Bills' passing game. He tore up Mobile and is a much needed weapon for a team that seems to have run out of ammo at the end of last season.

29. Detroit Lions - Kamari Lassiter, CB (University of Georgia):

Value Added: Lassiter's coverage skills add depth to the Lions' secondary. His selection addresses the Lions' need for improved coverage in their defensive backfield.

30. Baltimore Ravens - Darius Robinson, DE, Missouri:

Value Added: Robinson's ability to pressure quarterbacks enhances the Ravens' pass rush. His disruptive presence adds a new dimension to the Ravens' defense. He was the best in Mobile and the Ravens get another Monster to add to the best defense in the league.

31. San Francisco 49ers - Tyler Guyton, OT, Oklahoma:

Value Added: Guyton's blocking skills contribute to protecting the 49ers' quarterback and supporting their offensive schemes. His selection fortifies the 49ers' offensive line. At the end of the Super Bowl the 49ers needed a little more protection than they had, here they address that issue.

32. Kansas City Chiefs - Xavier Legette, WR South Carolina:

Value Added: Legette's playmaking ability adds depth to the Chiefs' receiving corps. His selection contributes to the ongoing development of the Chiefs' passing attack. Pair with Rasheed Rice, Legette adds a player that most believe will be one of the best wide receivers in the draft, after what he show in his short time in Mobile. He is not the 6'3 Monster people thought he was, but at 6'1 he still plays big and will be scary tied with Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid.


The MTMV Sports Network NFL Mock Draft 2.0 unveils a landscape of potential game-changers, each poised to contribute unique value to their respective teams. As we inch closer to the actual NFL draft, the excitement and speculation surrounding these prospects will only intensify, with fans eagerly anticipating which players will become the next generation of NFL stars.


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