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MTMV Sports NFL Mock Draft 1.0: The Bears Look to the Future and Fauga Enjoys Senior Bowl Stock Bump

Will the Bears select the USC phenom or stay pat for the second year? Photo Credit @ayeeecaleb IG
Will the Bears select the USC phenom or stay pat for the second year? Photo Credit @ayeeecaleb IG


As the NFL offseason unfolds, the anticipation surrounding the upcoming draft reaches a fever pitch. One of the most exciting elements leading up to the draft is the proliferation of mock drafts. These speculative exercises allow teams, analysts, and fans to explore different scenarios, evaluate potential prospects, and imagine the impact of these future stars on their respective teams. The MTMV Sports Network NFL Mock Draft 1.0 offers a tantalizing preview of the league's potential future, and before we delve into the selections, let's understand why mock drafting is crucial and glance at the positions emphasized in this particular mock draft.

Mock Draft Overview:

Mock drafts are a vital component of the pre-draft process, providing a platform for teams to simulate different scenarios, analyze potential talent, and strategize their selections. For fans and analysts, these mock drafts generate excitement, spark debates, and offer insights into teams' needs and preferences. In this MTMV Sports Network Mock Draft 1.0, we observe a keen focus on key positions, with quarterbacks, wide receivers, and offensive tackles dominating the early selections.

1. Chicago Bears - Caleb Williams, QB, USC:

The Bears kick off the mock draft by selecting Caleb Williams, the consensus top prospect in this year's draft class. The Bears will have a huge decision to make, because of how amazing Justin Fields played toward the end of the season. Either way they are in a WIN-WIN situation, they could either get huge draft returns for giving up the 1st pick or they will draft a phenomenal QB prospect and still get some great draft picks for trading Justin Fields. Williams is a dynamic quarterback from USC, who brings a rare combination of athleticism, arm strength, and playmaking ability, making him an ideal choice to lead the new look Bears' offense. His presence could be a transformative force for Chicago, injecting vitality and versatility into their quarterback position. If the Bears stay with Fields and take the draft capital it will be the second time they've passed up a great talent to show their confidence in Fields, last year they passed on CJ Stroud. I simply do not believe they do that twice even with a HAUL offered.

2. Washington Football Team - Jayden Daniels, QB, LSU:

Washington secures Jayden Daniels, LSU, with the second pick. There is no way anyone would have seen this coming a year ago when it seemed that only Williams and Drake Maye were the prospects to “risk it all” for. However, after a stellar season for Daniels, capped off by a Heisman Trophy selection, it's arguably the right move to slide Daniels ahead of Maye. Daniels' dual-threat capabilities and accuracy make him an exciting prospect for Washington, addressing their ongoing quest for a franchise quarterback. Last year making the decision to pass on Will Levis and stick with Sam Howell was a bad decision, they won't make that mistake again. His addition could usher in a new era for Washington's offense, bringing stability and explosiveness. The question would be, Is Kliffsbury excite for the challenge to get the most out of Daniels or will he try to convince the Commanders to “give up the farm” to go up one spot and get Williams?

New England would be more than happy to welcome UNC QB MAYE. Photo Credit: drake.maye IG
New England would be more than happy to welcome UNC QB MAYE. Photo Credit: drake.maye IG

3. New England Patriots - Drake Maye, QB, North Carolina:

The Patriots opt for quarterback Drake Maye from North Carolina at the third spot. Maye's poise in the pocket, decision-making, and accurate arm align with the Patriots' offensive philosophy. If Maye came out last year he would have been the second pick in this draft based on his 2022 performance, however, his stock took a slight hit after the past season. With that being said, New England and new coach Jerod Mayo are seemingly excited to welcome any of the top 3 quarterbacks to replace Mac Jones. The Maye selection emphasizes New England's commitment to finally securing a long-term successor to the legendary Tom Brady.

4. Arizona Cardinals - Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Ohio State:

With the years of being dominated by Marvin Harrison Sr., you would assume that New England would not want to miss out on the next generation Harrison. If this were any other season, they probably would prioritize his selection. However, this Patriots team needs a quarterback, so the Cardinals rep the benefits and RUN to the podium to add a dynamic playmaker to their receiving corps by selecting Marvin Harrison Jr. from Ohio State. Harrison's route-running precision, reliable hands, and deep-threat capabilities enhance Kyler Murray's arsenal. This pick not only addresses a need but also amplifies the explosiveness of Arizona's passing game.

5. Los Angeles Chargers - Brock Bowers, TE, Georgia:

The Chargers prioritize their passing game by selecting tight end Brock Bowers from Georgia. Bowers' athleticism, catching ability, and versatility as a playmaker offer Justin Herbert another weapon in the Chargers' aerial attack. His addition could create mismatches and elevate the Chargers' offensive potency. This would be a splash pick for Jim Harbaugh.

Malik Nabers is hoping to remind Giants fans of the Odell Era in New York. Photo Credit: cantguard_malik IG
Malik Nabers is hoping to remind Giants fans of the Odell Era in New York. Photo Credit: cantguard_malik IG

6. New York Giants - Malik Nabers, WR, LSU:

Malik Nabers becomes the Giants' pick at number six, injecting speed and playmaking ability into their receiving corps. Nabers' dynamic style of play complements Daniel Jones' skill set, providing the Giants with a versatile weapon in the passing game. This pick aims to elevate the explosiveness of the Giants' offense and create more scoring opportunities. This maybe a tough conversation in the war room because Daniel Jones could really benefit from some elite protection with all the Tackle prospects still on the board in a deep tackle class may cause the Giants to take their time to the podium. Right Tackle Fuaga along with Andrew Thomas would create a Giants line that would rival the best Tackle combos in the league. Ultimately, though they choose weapons over protection similar to the Bengals a few years ago with the selection of Ja’Marr Chase over Penei Sewell.

7. Tennessee Titans - Joe Alt, OT, Notre Dame:

The Titans address their offensive line needs by selecting Joe Alt, an offensive tackle from Notre Dame. Alt's size, technique, and agility make him a valuable asset in protecting quarterback Will Levis and solidifying the Titans' offensive front. This pick reflects the importance of building a strong foundation on the offensive line for offensive success. Imagine how much Levis could have done in last year's offense with more time to read through his progressions. The Titans face a similar issue as the Giants as they are in dire need of some elite weapons on the outside, DeAndre Hopkins is still good but his production is declining and Trey Burke has yet to remind Titans fans of AJ Brown. Unlike the Giants, the Titans invest in protection over weapons.

8. Atlanta Falcons - Rome Odunze, WR, Washington:

The Falcons select wide receiver Rome Odunze from Washington, providing an additional playmaking threat to their offense. Odunze's size, athleticism, and route-running prowess contribute to Atlanta's offensive versatility. His addition could create a dynamic receiving duo alongside emerging star Kyle Pitts. Pitts, London, and Rome Odunze, that's CRAZY, add in Bijan Robinson and the skill talent is a dream come true. The problem for the Falcons though was not the skill players… it was quarterback! However, at this point in the draft it will be a battle between picking the 1st or 2nd highest rated WR or a QB like J.J. McCarthy, Micheal Penix, or Spencer Rattler all who have too many questions to select this high in the draft.

9. Chicago Bears - Olumuyima Fashanu, OT, Penn State:

The Bears continue to invest in their offensive line with the selection of Olumuyima Fashanu, an offensive tackle from Penn State. Fashanu's blocking skills contribute to protecting their newly acquired quarterback, Caleb Williams, and emphasize the Bears' commitment to building a formidable offensive front. This could be a pick where they grab Williams a weapon to pair with DJ Moore, but the elite top tier weapons have been selected.

10. New York Jets - Taliese Fuaga, OT, BYU:

The Jets solidify their offensive line with Taliese Fuaga, an offensive tackle from BYU. Fuaga's blocking prowess aims to protect their quarterback and contribute to the success of the Jets' rushing attack. Fuaga did nothing but elevate his stock at the Senior Bowl. He was so dominate, that he hurt the stock of several 1st Rd-rated defensive ends. Their coaching staff had a close look at Fuaga and if the saw what most scouts saw this was an EASY selection. This pick aligns with the Jets' strategy of building a strong foundation to support their offensive playmakers.


The MTMV Sports Network NFL Mock Draft 1.0 provides a captivating glimpse into the potential future of the league, showcasing strategic choices that could shape the destiny of each franchise. At this point in the mock draft, 10 selections in, zero defensive players have been selected. Most experts believe that the top talent isn't on the defensive side of the ball. There are however a few that will hear their names called later this week in Mock 1.1.


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