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New Orleans Saints NFL Mock Draft 1.0: 1st Mock Post-Klint Kubiak Hiring

The New Orleans Saints, a franchise with a rich history and a fervent fan base, concluded the 2023-2024 NFL season with a blend of highs and lows.

Now, as the offseason unfolds, the Saints are poised to make strategic decisions in the upcoming NFL draft. The MTMV Sports Network presents the New Orleans Saints NFL Mock Draft 1.0, a speculative journey into the potential future of this storied franchise. The Saints enter this draft with a new leader on offense in Klint Kubiak.

Fuaga did a remarkable job at the Senior Bowl, if the Saints can get him in Round 1, it as good as done! Photo Credit: @beaverfootball IG
Fuaga did a remarkable job at the Senior Bowl, if the Saints can get him in Round 1, it as good as done! Photo Credit: @beaverfootball IG

Round 1 - Taliese Fuaga, T - Oregon State:

With the 2023-2024 season in the rearview mirror, the Saints turn their attention to fortifying their offensive line in the first round. Taliese Fuaga, a dominant force from Oregon State, caught the Saints' attention with an outstanding performance at the Senior Bowl. Known for pulling talent from this prestigious event, the Saints believe Fuaga's skills are tailor-made for their system. Fuaga's addition brings a formidable presence to the Saints' offensive line, enhancing protection for their quarterback and creating lanes for the rushing attack. The only question is whether to put him on the left or right side. His skills project best to the right side, according to scouts, but if the Saints lose Peat, they will need help on the left side.

Round 2 - Darius Robinson, Edge - Missouri:

In the second round, the Saints address their pass-rushing needs with Darius Robinson from Missouri. Following a remarkable showing at the Senior Bowl, Robinson's prowess off the edge makes him a coveted prospect. The Saints, recognizing the potential impact of his skill set, envision him as a disruptive force in their defensive schemes. Robinson's ability to pressure quarterbacks aligns with the Saints' defensive identity, making him a valuable addition to the team's pass rush. The Saints have famously invested heavily in the defensive line. They have failed to find any real help, Robinson should change that fact.

Round 5 - Jordan Travis, QB - Florida State:

The Saints pivot to the quarterback position in the fifth round, selecting Jordan Travis from Florida State. Travis, despite battling injuries during the collegiate season, exhibited Heisman-worthy performances when healthy. The Saints, recognizing his talent and potential, see Travis as a promising addition to their quarterback room. His versatility and playmaking ability could provide valuable depth and competition within the Saints' quarterback ranks.

Round 5 - Roger Rosengarten, Tackle - Washington:

Adding depth to their offensive line, the Saints select Roger Rosengarten from Washington in the fifth round. Rosengarten's skill set complements the Saints' commitment to building a robust front, ensuring protection for their quarterbacks and contributing to the success of their rushing attack. The Saints have Penning, Peat, Ramczyk, and have added Fuaga at this point in the draft. They double down here with a selection for depth.

Round 5 - Luke McCaffrey, WR - Rice:

In a strategic move, the Saints secure Luke McCaffrey, a wide receiver from Rice, in the fifth round. The brother of NFL star Christian McCaffrey, Luke brings a familial legacy of athleticism and football IQ. His addition to the Saints' receiving corps adds depth and a potential playmaking threat, contributing to the team's offensive versatility. He also showed OUT at the Senior Bowl and he can add some sure hands to the corps.

Round 5 - Myles Murphy, Interior DL - North Carolina:

Addressing their defensive line needs, the Saints select Myles Murphy from North Carolina in the fifth round. Murphy's ability to disrupt interior offensive lines aligns with the Saints' defensive objectives. His presence adds depth to the defensive front, bolstering the team's capabilities against the run and pass.

Round 6 - Anthony Gould, WR - Oregon State:

In the sixth round, the Saints focus on speed and playmaking ability, selecting Anthony Gould from Oregon State. Gould's acceleration and route-running skills make him a dynamic addition to the Saints' receiving corps. His speed could create mismatches and contribute to the team's big-play potential. His speed and Rashid Shaheed's speed should make this incredibly fun for Klint Kubiak.

Round 6 - Frank Gore Jr., RB - Southern Mississippi:

The Saints conclude their mock draft by selecting Frank Gore Jr., a running back from Southern Mississippi, in the sixth round. As the son of legendary NFL running back Frank Gore, Jr. brings a family legacy of toughness and skill. His addition provides depth to the Saints' running back stable, offering a combination of power and agility.

As the Saints embark on the journey towards the 2024 NFL season, the MTMV Sports Network's Mock Draft 1.0 offers a glimpse into the potential contributors who could shape the franchise's future. While this draft is speculative, the excitement surrounding the Saints' selections adds to the anticipation of what lies ahead for one of the league's most iconic teams.


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