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NFL's Front Office & General Manager Accelerator Program

Green Packers have members on the list and they are trying to have a comeback season. Photo: @GreenbayPckers IG
Green Packers have members on the list and they are trying to have a comeback season. Photo: @GreenbayPckers IG

NFL's Front Office & General Manager Accelerator Program, set for December 11-13 during the league meeting in Dallas, marks the league's dedication to fostering diversity in executive hiring. With 42 high-potential candidates selected through a revamped nomination process involving internal and external recommendations, the initiative seeks to bridge the gap between qualified candidates and club owners.

Now in its fourth iteration, the program aims to expand leadership opportunities, offering networking, personal development workshops, and professional insights through practice interviews and leadership sessions led by industry experts. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell emphasizes the league's commitment to creating more diverse leadership roles, building on the success of previous accelerators, like the Coach Accelerator held in Minneapolis earlier in 2023.

Bears President & CEO Kevin Warren, a member of the NFL Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, hails the program's profound impact on fostering relationships between candidates and club leadership, ultimately contributing to a more diverse front office landscape. The carefully selected roster of candidates spans various disciplines, from player personnel to football operations and assistant general manager roles, highlighting the program's comprehensive approach to promoting diversity across all facets of NFL leadership.

This year's Front Office & General Manager Accelerator candidates include:

Arizona Cardinals- Quentin Harris

Atlanta Falcons- Dwaune Jones

Baltimore Ravens- Mark Azevedo

Baltimore Ravens- David Blackburn

Buffalo Bills- Malik Boyd

Buffalo Bills- Terrance Gray

Carolina Panthers- Samir Suleiman

Carolina Panthers- Adrian Wilson

Chicago Bears- Ian Cunningham

Chicago Bears- Francis Saint Paul

Cincinnati Bengals- Steven Radicevic

Cleveland Browns- Glenn Cook

Cleveland Browns- Catherine Raiche

Dallas Cowboys- Brett Maxie II

Denver Broncos- Rich Hurtado

Denver Broncos- Kelly Kleine

Detroit Lions- Ray Agnew

Green Bay Packers- Richmond Williams

Green Bay Packers- Lee Gissendaner

Houston Texans- Chris Blanco

Jacksonville Jaguars- Regis Eller

Kansas City Chiefs- Tim Terry

Las Vegas Raiders- Dwyane Joseph

Las Vegas Raiders- Champ Kelly

Los Angeles Chargers- JoJo Wooden

Los Angeles Rams- Ray Farmer

Miami Dolphins- Reggie McKenzie

Minnesota Vikings- Demitrius Washington

New England Patriots- Steve Cargile

New Orleans Saints- Khai Harley

New York Giants- Brandon Brown

New York Jets- Chad Alexander

New York Jets- Brian Shields

Philadelphia Eagles- Ameena Soliman

Philadelphia Eagles- Charles Walls

Pittsburgh Steelers- Sheldon White

San Francisco 49ers- Tariq Ahmad

San Francisco 49ers- Josh Williams

Seattle Seahawks- DJ Hord

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jacqueline Davidson

Tennessee Titans- Kevin Turks

Washington Commanders- Eric Stokes

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