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NFL Week 15 Flex Game Schedule

Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott flexes after TNF win. Photo: @nfl
Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott flexes after TNF win. Photo: @nfl

In a strategic move, the NFL has announced a notable change to the Week 15 schedule, further enhancing the excitement surrounding the matchups. The highly anticipated Philadelphia Eagles versus Seattle Seahawks clash has been rescheduled to take center stage on Monday Night Football, to be broadcast on ESPN. Concurrently, the Kansas City Chiefs will face off against the New England Patriots in a compelling matchup at 1 p.m. ET on FOX. Adding an extra layer of anticipation, Week 15 will feature an NFL Network tripleheader on Saturday, December 16, offering fans an immersive football experience.

The adjusted Week 15 schedule unfolds as follows:

It's worth noting that the Week 15 tripleheader on NFL Network can be seamlessly streamed across devices with NFL+, available through NFL digital properties ( and the NFL app), as well as on an authenticated basis through NFL Network distributors’ apps and sites and NFL platforms, enhancing accessibility for football enthusiasts everywhere.

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