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No THRASH, All Break! |Atlanta Gladiators lose to the GVL Swamp Rabbits on their Thrasher Night! | ECHL

Glads in their Blueland Thrasher fits! Photo: @Stevenburroughsphoto
Glads in their Blueland Thrasher fits! Photo: @Stevenburroughsphoto

Thrasher night is by far one of the Atlanta Gladiators' most anticipated games of the season was against the best team in the conference, the Greenville Swamp Rabbits. Although the Swamp Rabbits are no strangers to the Gladiators, it still makes for great hockey when the Glad fans fill the arena in their baby blue Thrasher attire, filling the arena with energy that the team would need. 

The Gladiators entered their Thrasher theme night game last in the East, with 56 games played and a record of 18-35. Meanwhile, the Swamp Rabbits have played 54 games and sit at 36-16 on the season. Although there is still some hockey to be played before the postseason, this game and its capacity might be the Gladiator's most considerable game period for the season, as they will likely not be making the postseason. 

Thrasher is back for one night only! Photo: @atlgladiators
Thrasher is back for one night only! Photo: @atlgladiators

The Gladiators started off very poised and robust in tonight's game, just as they did with their season, but as time went along, the Rabbits were really able to show why they were the leaders of the pack. In the first period, the Swamp Rabbits set an easy goal, which they held for the rest of the period. Gladiators could not add any points to the board, but they put up a fight, literally, to keep the Rabbits' net clear. Towards the end of the first period, the defense was promising as the Rabbits had some goal attempts that failed. 

Moving into the second period, things began to get a little sluggish for the Gladiators or Thrashers as the crowd repeatedly called out. They allowed Greenville to score 2 unanswered goals, one on the power play. They heightened the intensity, leading to two back-to-back fights and the power play goal. One would think that if the Gladiators put as much intensity into getting the puck to their side of the ice, rather than wrestling with the Swamp Rabbits, they would at least have a goal on the board. Nevertheless, the Gladiators usually play a complete game, which was expected in the third period as the Swamp Rabbits were coming into the period up 3-0.  

Intensity brewed as the third period started, and the crowd was behind the team. Things looked to be going smoothly until the Swamp Rabbits scored again with 18:10 remaining in the game. Thus putting the Glads behind by 4. Unless a miracle was to happen for the Glads, this game was not one they would be winning tonight. The team tried its best to amp up the offense, and they spent a lot of time at the net trying to get at least one goal, but the Rabbits’ defense was holding firm.

The Swamp Rabbits are known for their fierce defense, and they did not disappoint in tonight’s game. As the period drew to an end, the crowd grew antsy as they just wanted their team to get a goal. Reaching a goal would have been the icing for a sold-out game for the first time this season, with 9,248 fans in attendance at the Gas South Arena.

However, it was simply too much to hope for, as the Gladiators could not get any points on the board. The Gladiators move on to tomorrow night, hoping to avoid a redo of tonight in their Faith and Family-themed day. If the Gladiators want to salvage any pieces left of their season, they will start to win some more games and give these fans a proper hockey game experience.

This is Dez Barnes of Pretty Girls Love Sports, a journalist on the MTMV Sports platform. She is a retired US Army veteran, professional cheerleader, pet mom, and avid sports lover. Feel free to follow her writings as she dives into the latest sports news! You can find her on all social media channels @PGLOVESPORTS.

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