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North Carolina Central Could Repeat As Celebration Bowl Champions Next Season

Let’s take a quick look at a few reasons why it’s very possible that we are looking at the early forming of a Black College Football dynasty in North Carolina Central. The first step to repeating as Celebration Bowl Champions is winning the MEAC. The MEAC has been for nearly the last decade a small, but mighty conference. It is not easy to win the MEAC, especially to win it outright. Even this year though North Carolina Central represented the MEAC in the Celebration Bowl they shared the distinction of being MEAC Champions with Howard. Hearing a few members of the media talk to Celebration Bowl Executive Director, John Grant, he said he would love for the MEAC to adopt a championship game similar to the SWAC. This change would essentially give a lot of people what they want, a four team playoff similar to the FBS Playoffs. Last season North Carolina Central suffered one loss in the MEAC. That loss was to South Carolina State and though SC State has tremendous coaches and a maturing O-Line, they loss possibly the most unfair weapon in the MEAC in WR Shaq Davis. Shaq Davis has declared for the NFL draft.

So in the eyes of some that takes care of the biggest threat in the MEAC. However, Co-champion Howard has 7 players returning that was named to either the first, second, or third all MEAC teams. This includes 3 star stud running back Eden James. They should be favored to win the MEAC next season. They are not a lock to win the MEAC, but the Celebration Bowl champions outpace every MEAC team in returning 1st Team All-MEAC players.

Secondly the players that are returning are STUDS. MEAC Offensive Player of the Year Davius Richard is coming back.

1st Team All-FCS and MEAC Defensive Player of the Year Cornerback Khalil Baker is coming back. MEAC Coach of the Year Trei Oliver will also be back. Eight other players that have been named to either the MEAC first or second All-MEAC teams, barring any major announcements should be back with the Eagles. The running back that buried a Jackson State player alive on the now famous final drive Latrell “Mookie” Collier is coming back as well. This has all the makings of the type of run North Carolina A&T went on before they exited the MEAC for “greener” pastures.

Coach Trei Oliver has all the experience, training,and mentorship he needs to establish a winner in the MEAC. His coaching mentor Rod Broadway sat down with us to before the Celebration Bowl and talked about how proud he was of his pupil and how “ready” Coach Oliver was for this opportunity. With the returning players and the winning culture Coach Oliver has built in Durham, we fully expect Coach Oliver to take this team to incredible heights.

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