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Providence Friars victory in a Thrilling Battle against Vermont!

Photo by: Providence Friars Instagram

The Providence Friars showcased resilience and determination in their recent matchup against Vermont. The game opened with Marta Morales securing the first bucket for the Friars, only to face Vermont's immediate response as Emma Utterback sank a three-pointer. Vermont exhibited strong defensive play, with a swift transition leading to an easy bucket, resulting in an early 7-4 lead.

However, the Friars weren't to be outdone. Grace Efosa's steal paved the way for an impressive and-1 play by Kylee Sheppard, leveling the score at 7-7. The game unfolded with Vermont's Emma displaying fancy moves, contributing to an 11-7 lead. The momentum continued for Vermont as they expanded their advantage to 14-7 with effective offensive rebounding. A strategic media timeout at 4:15 left in the first quarter allowed both teams to regroup. The Friars countered during the break, with Grace executing a mid-range shot, narrowing the gap to 14-9. A relentless back-and-forth ensued, featuring key plays from both sides. By the end of the first quarter, Vermont held a slim 18-17 lead.

The second quarter witnessed a spirited comeback by the Friars. Olivia Olsen’s strong start propelled them to a 26-18 lead, including effective plays in the paint. The Friars went on an 8-0 run, prompting a media timeout. As the teams headed into halftime, Providence held a commanding 37-25 lead. The third quarter saw Vermont making strategic moves to cut into the Friars' lead. However, the Friars, led by Grace Efosa and Kylee Sheppard, maintained their offensive prowess. Heading into the final quarter, the Friars held a 49-37 lead.

Vermont staged a comeback in the fourth quarter, narrowing the gap to a two-point game. The Friars' defense, highlighted by Kylee Sheppard's crucial block, proved pivotal in securing the 57-47 victory. Leading scorers for the Friars included Olivia Olsen with 14 points, Kylee

Sheppard with 12 points, and Grace Efosa with 10 points. Vermont's Emma Utterback stood out with 15 points and 7 assists, while Anna Olsen contributed 9 points. In the end, the Friars celebrated a hard-fought win, showcasing their depth and resilience on both ends of the court.


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