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Rising Stars and Falling Fortunes: A Detailed Analysis of Players' Draft Stock Post-2024 Senior Bowl

The 2024 Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL served as a crucial stage for NFL hopefuls to showcase their skills, resulting in a significant impact on their draft stock. After another great week of Senior Bowl practices, let's delve into the notable players whose stocks have seen significant shifts following the week-long event.

Stock Up:

1. Darius Robinson (Missouri, DL): Despite not playing in the game, Robinson's dominance in 1-on-1 drills and the accolade of being named the best defensive lineman by his team elevated his draft stock. His stellar week positions him as a coveted prospect for teams in need of a solid defensive line presence.

2. T’Vondre Sweat (Texas, DL): Commanding double teams during the game showcased Sweat's ability to disrupt opponents, making him a valuable asset for run defense. While his stats might not reflect his impact, his versatility and pass-rushing potential contribute to a rising draft stock.

3. Emani Bailey (TCU, RB): Despite skepticism during practice week, Bailey's explosive and decisive performance in the game highlighted his potential. Labeling him a "gamer," scouts will reevaluate his stock, especially considering the impactful film he provided.

4. Isaiah Adams (Illinois, Guard): Impressing by consistently winning reps against formidable opponents, Adams demonstrated his ability to hold his own against top-tier competition. His stock is expected to rise as teams recognize his prowess in one-on-one situations.

5. Spencer Rattler: A sharp performance during the game, coupled with a week of consistency, earned Rattler the MVP honors. According to reports, he did nothing to harm his draft stock, positioning himself as a quarterback prospect teams may vie for in the upcoming NFL Draft.

6. Quinyon Mitchell (Toledo, CB): Despite not playing in the game, Mitchell's excellent week of practice and recognition as the best cornerback by teammates boost his draft stock. His skills in coverage and ball awareness make him an intriguing prospect.

7. Patrick Paul, Max Melton, Braden Fiske, Brenden Rice: These players, mentioned for their impressive practice performances, have seen their stocks rise. The buzz surrounding Rice's "incredible physique" and Fiske's versatility and on-field skills make them names to watch as the draft approaches.

Stock Down:

1. Joe Milton (Tennessee, QB): Inconsistent performances throughout the week, coupled with a challenging game marked by errant throws and critical interceptions, have caused Milton's stock to decline. Pro day and combine performances become crucial for his draft redemption.

2. Kaylen King: A lackluster practice week prompts a stock decrease for King. His ability to bounce back and show improvement will be closely monitored by scouts and analysts.

3. Tez Walker: Despite tantalizing speed and athleticism, Walker's struggles with technique, questionable passes, and drops during the week and the game contribute to a declining stock. His pro day becomes a pivotal opportunity for redemption. The skills portion of the combine and his pro day will be a lot more important than the 40 yard dash to dispel the concerns produced after this week.

4. Charles Turner and Jordan Jefferson (LSU): Both players faced challenges in one-on-one drills, with Jefferson's frustration going viral. Their performances at the combine and at LSU's pro day will be crucial for recovering their draft stock.

5. Sam Hartman: While showcasing moments of promise, Hartman's overall performance, including a critical interception, resulted in a stock decrease. His draft fate may hinge on subsequent showcases and evaluations. Hartman at times simply looked bad and didn't showcase skills befitting of an NFL quarterback, even a backup. However, that was just in the game, during the week he reportedly had solid practices. This adds more pressure on the combine and his pro day.

The 2024 Senior Bowl provided a diverse array of narratives, impacting the draft stock of various players. As the draft season progresses, these prospects will look to further solidify their standing in the eyes of NFL scouts and decision-makers.


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