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Saints Shake Up the Draft: Snag Top Talent and Steal Zach Wilson in Bold Trade - Full Mock Draft Breakdown Inside!

The New Orleans Saints have once again dived into the creative pool of the NFL Draft, as evidenced by the latest mock draft, revealing a strategic selection of players and a significant trade.

Starting off strong in the first round, the Saints picked Tackle Taliese Fuaga from Oregon State. Fuaga, ranked #12 on the PFF Big Board, impressed the scouts with his robust blocking skills, earning an A+ grade, indicating that the Saints see him as a day-one starter to fortify their offensive line.

In the second round, the Saints have opted for a defensive boost with Defensive Interior Braden Fiske from Florida State. Fiske, sitting at #38 on the PFF Big Board, is a strong presence on the defensive front and is expected to contribute significantly, warranting his A grade.

Moving into the fifth round, the Saints had three picks, showing their depth-building strategy. Javon Foster, a Tackle from Missouri, comes in with a solid C+ grade, hinting at potential developmental value. Wide Receiver Luke McCaffrey from Rice, with a B- grade, is anticipated to add versatility to the Saints' receiving corps. Tight End Jaheim Bell from Florida State rounds out the fifth round with a C grade, potentially becoming a valuable piece in two-tight-end sets.

The Saints also added Jalen Sundell, a Tackle from North Dakota State, who scored a B+ grade and could be a sleeper pick given his proven track record at the collegiate level.

The sixth round brought a skill position addition with Halfback Kimani Vidal from Troy. Vidal’s agility and pass-catching ability could make him a dual-threat option out of the backfield.

In the seventh round, the Saints addressed their defensive backfield by drafting Cornerback Jarius Monroe from Tulane, and they bolstered their linebacker unit with Dallas Gant from Toledo, both adding depth to the defense.

Perhaps the most intriguing move is the trade with the New York Jets, where the Saints have given up a sixth-round pick for Quarterback Zach Wilson. This move signifies a gamble on Wilson’s potential to revitalize his career in a new environment under the Saints’ system. It's a low-risk, high-reward scenario for a former top draft pick who has shown flashes of talent.

Overall, with an A- draft grade, the Saints are aiming to balance immediate impact with future development. The trade for Zach Wilson, if successful, could be the story of the draft, as New Orleans seeks to re-establish themselves as contenders in the NFC South.

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Will a new locale be what’s needed for Zach to live up to that 1st round potential?

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