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Savannah, Georgia Immortalizes LSU Women’s Basketball Star Flau’Jae Johnson

Flau’Jae Johnson standing in front of the sign for her newly minted intersection in Savannah, Georgia. Photo adapted from @flaujae IG.

In an incredible tribute to one of the rising stars of the sports world, Savannah, Georgia is set to immortalize Flau’Jae Johnson, the standout player from the 2023 LSU Tigers Women’s Basketball Team. Her remarkable journey from the basketball court to the world of hip-hop culture has garnered attention from all corners, making her a true icon of our time.

The LSU Tigers Women’s Basketball Team's victory in 2023 has etched their names in history, and none more so than Flau’Jae Johnson. Her skills on the court have translated into a larger-than-life presence in the music industry. Her teammates Angel Reese shared the spotlight in music videos alongside Cardi B and Latto. Johnson has also left her mark in recording studios, collaborating with heavyweights like Lil’ Wayne and her "Uncle" Boosie.

Flau’Jae standing with family on Flau’Jae Intersection. Photo adapted from @flaujae IG.

Flau’Jae's star power isn't limited to the world of music. She's been a captivating guest on prominent podcasts such as "The Pivot," and her appearances on TV shows like the Jennifer Hudson Show have showcased her vibrant personality to a global audience.

The recognition hasn't been limited to the entertainment realm, either. Angel Reese, another luminous star from the same championship team, received a luxurious gift from Mercedes-Benz of Louisiana. Now, it's Flau’Jae Johnson's turn to bask in admiration. The city of Savannah, Georgia, known for its picturesque landscapes and breathtaking beaches, is honoring Flau’Jae by naming an intersection after her.

Three young boys holding Flau’Jae Johnson sign commemorating her new highway.
Flau’Jae Johnson inspiring the next generation. Photo adapted from @flaujae IG.

The Flau’Jae Johnson Intersection will stand as a testament to her achievements, not only as a basketball player but as a cultural force. As sports enthusiasts and travelers visit Savannah, they'll have the chance to pay homage to this remarkable athlete and artist. It's a tribute that perfectly encapsulates Flau’Jae's influence and impact, serving as an inspiration for generations to come. Flau'Jae was very excited about having an intersection named after her saying on Instagram, "It's Official! OMG! I am the YOUNGEST person in Georgia to have an intersection. This is HISTORY!!"

In a world where sports, music, and culture intertwine, Flau’Jae Johnson's journey is a shining example of the possibilities that await those who dare to dream big. The intersection named in her honor is a symbol of the bridges she's built between various fields, and it stands as a must-see landmark for anyone visiting Savannah.


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