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Second Times a Charm: Dorian Thompson-Robinson Earns his First Win for the Cleveland Browns

Dorian Thompson-Robinson looked good in today’s win against the Steelers. Photo Credit : @doriantr IG
Dorian Thompson-Robinson looked good in today’s win against the Steelers. Photo Credit : @doriantr IG

Dorian Thompson-Robinson, known as DTR, emerged as a preseason surprise for the Cleveland Browns, showcasing poise, mobility, efficiency, and leadership. Despite Browns fans initially hoping for a season of development behind franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson, an unfortunate injury propelled DTR into the starting role.

In today's contest against the Pittsburgh Steelers, DTR faced a challenging defense but displayed the maturity and composure seen during the preseason. While not posting eye-popping numbers with 165 yards and his fourth interception of the season, he managed the game effectively, earning his first win as an NFL starting quarterback. This outing, although not flawless, marked a significant improvement from his earlier struggles against the Baltimore Ravens.

DTR joins a cohort of rookie quarterbacks thrust into action this season, including Will Levis, Aiden O’Connell, Tommy Devito, and CJ Stroud, who is making an impact in the NFL MVP race. The contrasting performances of rookie quarterbacks like Bryce Young underscore the challenges rookies face in their inaugural season.

Prior to the draft, DTR's name was repeatedly highlighted as a quarterback to watch, and with Watson's injury, Browns fans are now compelled to closely monitor his growth and development.

Despite today's challenges, the potential seen in DTR's preseason performances remains evident, making his progress a captivating storyline for the remainder of the season. This experience adds a layer of intrigue to how NFL scouts will evaluate quarterback talent in future drafts, considering the impact and development trajectory of quarterbacks like DTR within the league.


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